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    Probably done a thousand times already. Fuck it. Our fucking hero
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    Liverpool Thread 2014/15

    This is their year. Again.
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    What age were you told or realised that SANTA

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    Heskey Cam! Heskey Cam! Ever wanted to watch him for the full 90 minutes? Well, now you can... His number nine shirt sold out within minutes due to unprecedented demand and his arrival sold the...
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    I lost!

    We won! And I couldn't be happier. Early on in the season, me and fellow poster Bigga had a "wager" (as much as you can have one on a forum), where the forfeit was a two month exile during the off season. The bet was whether or not Mancini would deliver silverware this season. Obviously I lost...
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    Wayne Rooney

    If he didn't spend so much time trying to get our players sent off tonight, his side might have mustered a decent effort on goal. But no, he is Mr. Manchester United, representing all of their values as a club. A cheating, crying, arrogant scumbag in both his personal and professional life...
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    Cardiff City, cheeky punt on relegation?

    No manager, players leaving left right and centre, money running out. Worth a tenner?
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    Holding off a cold

    Help! I need to hold this cold off for about 24 hours, got a thing on tomorrow I don't really wanna miss, so, as I said, HELP! Please?
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    Referee for Blackpool

    I'm sorry. I'm so so sorry. Mark Clattenburg. :(
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    An Apology...

    Sorry folks. My earlier thread was a reaction to a shit situation, but there was no excuse. Obviously on the pitch he's done wonders for us and that shouldn't be forgotten. I'm just pissed off that, in typical City fashion, there's a spanner thrown into the works just as we're turning a corner...
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    A plea to the FA... Please fine him. Thanks.
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    United launch new kit...

    Especially for the derby. Black shirt, black shorts, black shocks, and it comes with a free whistle! BANG! You can't beat the old ones! COME ON YOU BLUES!!!
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    Right then, onto what matters...

    Even with the lineup today, I still felt we could have won. We didn't, we were pretty poor, some negative changes, whatever. It's annoying, slightly frustrating, but alas, we move on. We can still qualify with a result against FC Sardines. However, on Sunday, we MUST win. In sending out a...
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    Look on the bright side...

    We're on second of Match of the Day. :)
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    Ian Holloway

    Shut up. Fuck off back to the lower leagues. You were refreshing when we heard form you now and again. Now I'm sick of your opinions, your accent, and your paranoia. After some of the fuckin stunts you pulled, you're hardly one to talk about leaving for fucking money.
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    If he's good enough for Nige, he's good enough for me...

    Nigel de Jong on Tevez's play, and being his skipper.
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    Still, could be worse...

    Could have got beat by a League 2 club at home... Every cloud, and all that :)
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    Mancini now has to deliver... other competitions. He decided the Carling Cup should not be one of our main priorities. I disagree with that (well, I'm rather furious), but I'll get over that. Hopefully... Call it reserves, youth team, 5 aside tea, pub team or whatever, they played for Manchester City's first team...
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    Getting back with a girl for the 4th time...

    Please, Bluemoon, supply me with some new words with which to describe my idiotic friend, I've run out.
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    The future of football?

    Using the pitch as one big ad board? I sure hope not.
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