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    Fernandinho the last game

    Me too, unless it's just gone up. Not had an email to say so though.
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    Iconic goals

    David Silva v Blackpool, was a sign of things to come
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    Media Thread - 2022/23

    Used to work in TV, I had the misfortune of being on the camera crew on two of his marathan Wembley Arena talks. "Lizards" wtf
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    Media Thread - 2022/23

    That would be like going to one of David Ickes 5 hour arena talks.
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    Media Thread - 2022/23

    To stop each other sticking crayons up their noses.
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    Dietmar Hamann

    I'm gutted he has his own thread, he's a bitter fuckwit.
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    A team of uncommon men

    @Nelinho ,not having you wrote that, come on admit it, you grabbed that off Nick Harris:)
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    Media Thread - 2022/23

    Why Ghislaine Maxwell getting 20 years is good for Liverpool FC Why Tinky Winky having a handbag is good for Liverpool FC
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    Media Thread - 2022/23

    Not the match day forum obviously:)
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    New “UEFA Financial Sustainability” rules

    I take it then, that if these rules were in place in 2015. Liverpool would have failed FFP. With reference to the £50 million spent on ground improvement that didn't exsist.
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    Media Thread - 2022/23

    He'll be pouring sherry on his cornflakes as we speak :)
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    Media Thread - 2022/23

    Another cockwomble, pisshead one at that.
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    Media Thread - 2022/23

    He hisses at the petrol pump when filling his car :)
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    Media Thread - 2022/23

    Hahaha, that tw@ is hurting and I'm loving it. Proper cockwomble:)
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    City Fan Ban

    On ticker tape on SSN before, never seen shit like that before.
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    Welcome Erling Haaland | Signing confirmed on a 5 year deal

    He's into cults I believe :)
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    Pitch invasion measures

    You'd get the dippers infiltrating the home end and invading the pitch :)
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    Fans Videos From Sunday

    The scream after the 2nd and 3rd goal hahaha, I'd love it if it was actually Beglin.
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    Time wasting.

    Everyone leaves on 80 minutes anyway (apparently) so only miss 5 minutes instead :)
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