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    I got a right nice selection over Christmas, one of which was Auchentoshan American Age Oak. Now normally I’m one not to to do anything but use whisky stones, not even ice and especially not mixers. That said, today I’ve bucked the trend. On the box it says to mix the whisky with lemon and...
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    Just watching this classic and it got me thinking. Just how fucking awesome would it be if there was an alien invasion?? It needs to happen.
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    Who else is in work today?

    In until 14:30, then it’s home to indulge in a nice Barolo. Merry Christmas my fellow Blues.
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    Car finance

    So having paid my current car off last January and remortgaging in July, giving me some much welcome financial freedom, I find myself at the perils of motoring again. 09 Insignia, fly wheel and clutch replacement at a cool cost of £750. It’s just had £250 thrown at it for some other shite, plus...
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    Leicester (League Cup) - Post Match Thread.

    Get in. Burton at home please.
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    Best period of your life.

    41 now and I have to say that this is quite honestly the easiest and pleasant period of my life so far. Kids grown up, work a doddle and relatively secure. Mortgage shrinking. Backbone-less, fraud of a wife soon to sign the divorce papers. Never stressed over little things like I had a tendacy...
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    ‘I’ll go hang gliding again. I didn’t enjoy my first time’

    Holy fuck!!!! Makes for some stomach turning viewing
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    Talking of Christmas....

    Who will this be this year? Every work place has one. The works Christmas do.
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    What’s the secret to each? I’m weeks away from my divorce of a marriage that lasted 5 years legally, but in terms of being together, 3 at best. Bizarrely pre marriage, we were untouchable. I know of couples who have been together 20+ years, career freaks who can provide their spawn with...
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    80’s B-Movies

    Went through some old video boxes I’ve got and came across these absolute classics! ‘You ok?’ Lol. Any others?
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    High end restaurants

    I love cooking. I love eating. As posh as it gets for me is Gaucho Grill, well I say ‘as it gets’, that was years ago. I’ve eaten in a Michelin recommended pub in the Lakes, which was lovely but was just pub grub. I watch a lot of cooking programmes. That idiot Heston is on now. Looked at his...
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    United (H) Post Match Thread

    Men v boys. Gulf in class. No complaints about the ref except the Sané incident. United are thee SHIT. Fucking brilliant performance and what a way to end the weekend. Roll on work!!
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    Manchester United (h) pre-match thread

    City 4 1 United Couldn’t wait to get that CL match out of the way. David Silva master class on Sunday.
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    iOS 12

    Any X users found anything different? It was meant to be an all singing, all jazzed up release, this. So far I’ve found a new measuring tool and the way the back ground apps can be closed has changed. That’s it.
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    Videos that improve the track.

    Had a bit of a mid week sesh last night, culminating with some You Tube music. Got me thinking, some songs sound even better when watched with the video. Zephyr Song, Otherside by the ‘Peppers, but none more so than this by QOTSA. Think it’s the way Grohl looks like he’s having the time of his...
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    The hills are alive (with fire)

    Sat in the garden of my abode, Tyskie in hand, talk shite in the radio (those bastards!). It’s suddenky snowing ash from the Moors, with a distinct haze covering the sky. Very odd!
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    Jonas Guttierez

    Been diagnosed with cancer, testicular cancer. A decent player, one I thought might have gone onto bigger things over here after his first few games for the Toon. Sad news, and hopefully he makes a full recovery.
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    I'm not one to be looking over my shoulder, I'll start with that. Something tells me that these lunatics from the IS are going to launch some fucked up attack on the west, like a coordinated attack in the form of mass beheadings/slaughters of random folk. The bomb is a thing of the past on my...
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    Making a loft into a habitable room....

    But not a full-on loft conversion. Anyone done this, and used it as a bedroom? From what we can tell we would need a velux window, a proper staircase, insulated walls and floors and of course make the hatch wide and long enough so it is accessible as a room. A full on conversion is out of our...
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    For those who need to turn that frown upside down..

    What is it exactly that you want? Bearing in mind we are 2 games in hand on Chelsea and only two points behind, that we have twatted one of our rivals at home and drawn away, that we have twatted other decent teams, played fantastic football, find ourselves favourites for the league and all...
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