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    Black Russians.How do you like yours?

    Out yesterday with an English pal having a few and he had never heard of Guinness in one.'What the fuck mate' he says to the barmaid and nearly starts a row.Just wonder how people like theirs and is this an Irish thing?I am presuming the latter. Ice cold vodka Kahlua coffee liqueur Chilled...
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    Mick McCarthy

    Great to see the big fella back.A good move for Ipswich I think.
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    The new Ayrton Senna.

    I am loving watching Pastor Maldonado this year,I think there could be a world champ in there.Senna for me was the best ever and Hamilton and Maldonaro are the 2 who now most remind me of him.Maldonardo is'nt afraid to use his car in much the same manner as the great man. I know there are a few...
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    Corrupt,Incompetent or Fearful?

    After seeing the level of disgust concerning last night's peno decision I am wondering if people really think top ref's are really corrupt or is it they get it wrong occasionally or are they fearful that if slur slate's em their career is over? Please post only C I or F.I will give it a couple...
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    Suarez -Klanfield pic

    Been looking for it and cant find it can anyone do me a favour and point me in the right direction.
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    Headstones and epitaphs

    When talking to a mate earlier he asked me what I was gonna have on my headstone.I told him I planned to be cremated and scattered,he was a bit taken aback and asked what will mark your resting spot and a marker for grieving I hadnt given it much thought but have realised I dont want or need...
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    Ducking and diving Vatican style.

    Catholic church's plea could rule out damages for priests' abuseVictims' lawyers condemn 'scandalous' defence that Catholic priests are not legally employees of the church I hope the judge sees sense. Share reddit this Jamie Doward The Observer, Sunday 24 July 2011 Article history The...
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    Proud of a politician?

    It has been a long time since I was proud of an Irish politician but our P.M. is a practising catholic and it looks like he is ready to take on the vatican over its role in child abuse by Irish clergy. 2 weeks since his speech and still no response from Rome.This could be the beginning of the...
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    The battle for Berba

    I found this very funny. Sorry if previously posted couldnt find it.
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    One for bob
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    Unexpectedly sexy From 10.04 on.HD does it more justice I fear.
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    Brilliant Barney

    Need i say more fookin tops.
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    Good luck to the brits

    Says it all really,I hope yis do well and hope you all enjoy the world cup. If you dont share these sentiments ignore the thread rather than post some banal anti english rhetoric.
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