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    It's Quiet 17 - Glory Thread

    SPOILER: Ronaldo isn't coming.
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    Kalvin Phillips | £42m deal agreed with Leeds according to reports

    £80m seems like a lot to me.
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    It's Quiet 17 - Glory Thread

    This is their only chance to get him. If they show they don't value him enough now he'll go somewhere else on a free at the end of the season.
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    It's Quiet 17 - Glory Thread

    Agreed. In addition, it's easy to remember all the games where Sterling was completely ineffective, as his pace was nullified by teams sitting deep. Creativity/Brain > Pace Obviously you can't have too many players with no pace, but Foden, Haaland, Alvarez, KDB and Grealish clearly don't...
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    Kalvin Phillips | £42m deal agreed with Leeds according to reports

    If Pep wants him he'll be a fantastic player for us. I'm sure a glowing reference from Bielsa, whom Pep adores, won't have done any harm either.
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    Samuel Edozie | Set to join Bayer Leverkusen on permanent deal

    That's a decent fee for him to be fair. He could end up like Sancho or more like Matondo. It's hard to tell! Speedy and tricky but he's not got the X factor like Palmer.
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    Women's Team Thread - 2022/23

    Yep. 5-1 which helped a lot!!
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    Women's Team Thread - 2022/23

    Took my U9 girls team to Elland Road last night and they all loved it. Some quiet spells but the atmosphere was rocking and the 2nd half was very entertaining. A few had never been to a game before but I'm sure they'll be going to plenty more after that.
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    Taking my lad to his first game

    From experience with mine, I'd say 6 is about the right age. I did start by taking my eldest when she was 4 though. They start to concentrate more on what's happening and need less alternative entertainment (phones, etc).
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    Julian Alvarez - 2022/23 Performances

    Born the same year as Haaland and Foden. Txiki has been future proofing us this summer.
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    It's Quiet 17 - Glory Thread

    Incredible insight from the source there. As if that's not what every club wants to do each summer.
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    It's Quiet 17 - Glory Thread

    Fair play they must really want Jesus. We'll be net spend champions soon.
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    It's Quiet 17 - Glory Thread

    How long until this is on Twitter from a fake ITK. I'm going for 5 mins.
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    Hotel breakfasts in the UK

    Stayed at a novotel in Jakarta recently. That had a great choice of breakfast items, particularly with fresh omelettes made to order by the chef at an open plan kitchen area. It also had all the usual offerings, buffet style, with a few random local delicacies.
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    #80 | Cole Palmer - 2021/22 Performances

    More minutes for Cole next season. He'll be ready to explode. He caught that injury just as he was starting to establish himself as an effective impact player. Can't wait to see what he can do more regularly. Prem soon come.
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    Women's Team - 2021/22

    Tell you what, the standard of girls football is improving rapidly. I coach an U9s side and took them to a tournament in Macclesfield yesterday. I was blown away by some of the players on show. The skill and aggression was great to see and some of the games were brilliant to watch.
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    Bernardo Silva contract situation

    Nobody can afford him so I can't see him going this summer.
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    Kalvin Phillips | £42m deal agreed with Leeds according to reports

    I've been told the fee is £65m. That's way too much if true.
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    Welcome Erling Haaland | Signing confirmed on a 5 year deal

    So sharp. If he stays fit he'll break the PL season record.
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    Darwin Nunez

    I've never seen him play so won't argue whether he's a good player - as genuinely no idea. But his record in the past season or so is pretty impressive. Obviously I hope he'll be a massive flop.
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