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    Cup scheme tickets

    Is there anyway you can check you purchase history on the os. I haven't received a confirmation email for west ham league cup at home but according to the club it's in my purchase history.
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    Fulham away 21 dec

    Just a heads up. I know last year we got a very limited allocation and a lot of tickets were bought in the neutral end. Just to let people know who are thinking of going and may not have enough points that the neutral tickets are on sale via fulhams website not sure on availability but could be...
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    pubs for stoke game (merged)

    with the rags playing at the same time tomorrow most of the pubs around swinton will be showing them. Anyone have any suggestions for pubs in the area
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    villa real away home end

    if anyone who has got there ticket for villa real can look to see what block the home end is closest to the away end. i know someone who lives out there and thinking of him getting me a ticket in that block
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    veiwing membership on line

    when on the home page of the os if i click on the sign in button top right and enter my details it shows i have 4970 points. if i click on the tickets and membership section and sign in that way may account shows 5570. anyone know why they are not the same
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    wembley tickets and prices

    phoned up bang on 9am saturday morning for 3 tickets got told to choose between £50 and £60 tickets asked about the £30 and £40 tickets and was told these were not released yet. Bought the tickets in block 133 not a problem. Been speaking to a bolton fan today who bought his ticket for £30 plus...
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    aris tickets

    how many do people think we can get what are the chances of getting one with 4000 points looking to go on the trip organised by spike will there be any spares on these trips
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    aris tickets

    how many do people think we can get what are the chances of getting one with 4000 points looking to go on the trip organised by spike will there be any spares on these trips
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    city poppy shirts

    had a quick look but couldnt find a thread would be an ideal christmas present for myself but has anyone got any ideas on how much these shirts will go for do you think i would get zabs, kolarov or boetang shirts for 100 to 150 quid
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    thanks ticket office

    been in the same seat since moving to the coms south level 2 i renewed online on 31 may and received email confirmation. received my credit card bill today with no transaction for my season ticket. phoned up ticket office and i havent renewed my ticket. not only gutted for losing my seat i was...
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    ade song

    probably already been posted so apologies what is the new song about ade and not the one about his dad and mum
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    pictures of the ground

    i was in the eastland pub just down the road from mary d and i saw a great picture in black and white of the outside of the stadium. it had been split into three and each one had been framed and put on the same wall together just wondering where you can pick up pictures like this even if it is a...
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    ade celebration ban

    i am 99% sure ade will get a ban now for the celebration just watching your on sky sports and the presenter gary newbourne has just said "not alot of people know this but ade got booked after the goal for TIME WASTING" so leaves the fa to charge him with the celebration so either clattenberg...
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    away tickets

    on the old os you could click onto away tickets and it would give you the cretria of when you could buy them loyalty points etc. i cant seem to find this option on the new os any helpers?
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    when reading through the forum i see alot of replys with the box of the previous poster just wondering how to do this. when i reply i click on the quote button on the left but it doesnt bring up the posters box just a "quote" word any helpers please
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    why didnt ssn

    early on ssn were talking to there south american correspondent about the kaka deal. even though its a world record deal why didnt the presenters ask anything about the tevez deal i think ssn have some info but just holding on to it and do a big breaking news speacial
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    daily mail

    i have noticed over the past couple of weeks the daily mail getting alot of space on the os just wondering if any of the recent stories they are publishing have any truth in them would have thought any stories that are complete bullshit would not get on the os. i know they are all stories to...
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    if we dont make europe

    with the carling cup probably the easier domestic cup to win, how about right from the word go the second round putting all our big guns out and also the ones we will sign in the summer and win it. the strongest team possible no matter if its a second div team any thoughts?
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    has hughes been sacked?

    just had a text off a friend saying hughes has been sacked, he is not one of them mates who would text me just to wind me up. this is also the case with the web page the spoiler. just wondered if anyone else has heard this
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    best away trip i have ever had never laughed so much in my life top time. highlights: reeperbahn in the sunshine "singin the blues" in the gronud great stadium great atmosphere mate bringing back the most ugly bird i have ever seen any stories anyone wants to post feel free
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