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    Should we sign a natural false 9?

    We’ve looked so good recently with a false 9 but apart from Phil and a bit of Grealish last night nobody has looked like they’re a perfect false 9. So should we go for a player whose preferred position is actually that role? Is there one out there?
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    Brand New-The City Chief Talk Podcast

    Hi all, I know there is a podcast that already promotes themselves on here but Ric has allowed me to post this. Many of you will already be aware of City Chief on twitter and we've recently started a podcast called The City Chief Talk. The first episode is now out and here are the links to it...
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    Gary Caldwell, new loan team coach / leaves to join Hibs (p3)

    Got a mate who is a Partick Thistle fan, he’s absolutely astounded Caldwell has managed to stay in football.
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    Any Chilean or Spaniards on here? Question on the term "La Roja"

    Hi, I wrote an article recently, a match feature on the Spain VS Sweden game. In this article, I referred to the Spain team as La Roja and also when tweeting out the article. I got a response from a Chilean who was not happy with my use of La Roja. Is this a common response? La Roja is listed...
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    British and Irish Lions Tour to South Africa 2021 thread

    With the Lions squad being announced today I thought I'd start the Lions thread for any discussion.
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    The simple truth...

    Today’s riot may have been partly down to the super league and the Glazers but there is one simple truth in all of this: United fans simply cannot handle the fact that they cannot compete with us anymore, they cannot deal with the fact that it is not the 90’s and they are no longer the best...
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    Dusan Vlahovic | Signed for Juventus 21 year old 6ft3 Serbian striker with 16 in 31 this season.
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    Will you attend City games if we join a European Super League?

    Personally I’m gutted we’ve signed up to this project of greed. It’s highly likely there would be a Premeir League breakaway which would see the end of domestic football for us. I personally would find it hard to go back to the Etihad if this happened. City will always be my club but it won’t be...
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    Players City almost signed

    I was reading a book about transfers recently and a story about Mikael Silverstre came up. Apparently he was in the middle of his medical at the Etihad and was going to sign for us on a free after leaving the rags. However Wenger called him or his agent and told him he was wanted at Arsenal so...
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    The East Manchester Production line article

    Hi all, I’ve written a brief history of our academy from the 70’s onwards detailing all our FA Youth Cup finals and notable players. I aim to highlight how good our academy actually is when we’ve had a stick for it before. Here is the link to the article...
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    The Football Fans View

    Hi all, I am a regular poster on here but I just wanted to put a website out their for people to have a look. I write for a new website called The Football Fans view, were a group of youngish and highly motivated young journalists who write match reports on the clubs we support. We cover the...
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    Left Backs in the Acadmey

    Looking at the team tonight is there anyone promising who can play left back? Would be great to fill that position from the academy.
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    Professional Footballers that are City fans

    Not sure if this thread has been done but come across quite a few recently. Kristian Dennis whose just signed for St Mirren is a big blue and was a postman on Maine Road and a season ticket holder. George Glendon who was captain of our youth team may still be a season ticket holder. Antoni...
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    Safe Standing Survey

    Hi i'm doing some research on safe standing. If you could fill out this survey that would be great. Many thanks.
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