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    Peps Beanie Hat

    Had a quick look on the website for the beanie hat Pep was wearing yesterday. Got to say the description for it is a bit fucked! Who's letting this happen?
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    Amazon Prime Video

    Just got Amazon Prime Video and saw that you can download titles to watch offline. It says you need a kindle, android, or apple device however I was wondering if there is a way of getting around this to download titles onto a windows laptop.. Or is it a trip out to get a cheap android...
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    Maths Question

    Can anyone help me work this question out, been bugging me all morning.. Basically I booked Hotel 'A' at a cost of £130, however I changed my mind and was refunded £110. I then booked Hotel 'B' at a cost of £120, so I had to put another £10 on top of the £110 refund I received from Hotel 'A'...
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    Vilnius, Riga, Tallinn

    Going to see these three places next week, I've planned 3 nights in each place and taking coaches to get from place to place. Anyone been before, any must see places, any hidden gems? Cheers blues
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    Converting a brick shed into a home office

    I'm looking at converting our outside shed into a home office space. It's attached to the house already so I'm guessing there would be no need to get planning permission just to get rid of all the shit in it and do it up. No idea how much it would all cost but I'm sure I could keep the costs...
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    Fan Engagement within Football

    I'm a 3rd Year Newcastle University Business student composing a report investigating ‘Is there a business case for increased fan engagement in premier league clubs (with a specific focus on Newcastle United Football Club)’. Please could you spare 5 mins of your time to complete a questionnaire...
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    Coach Places to Wembley

    In need of 1 seat on a coach to wembley, anyone know of any available?
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    Why you should never leave a game early...

    Coventry fan Dan calls into a BBC local radio show to complain about his side’s abysmal “0-0” draw with Crewe in the Johnstone’s Paint Trophy Northern Final. He launches into a rant about how his side were not good enough when the presenter informs him the Sky Blues actually WON 2-0! <a...
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    Does anyone on here follow/watch NHL? I'm sort of a 'casual' fan in the terms that I used to play it on xbox and watch games on internet. Not watched it for years but since I keep hearing about the 'lockout', it's made interested in it again. Hopefully it will be sorted out at some point...
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    Paddy Power Derby Special

    **FOR NEW CUSTOMERS ONLY** City are currently priced at 5/4 or 13/10 with the competition but if you are a NEW CUSTOMER, Paddy Power are offering you a whopping 6/1 on Roberto Mancini's men getting the victory. This offer will not be available anywhere else so if you haven't already signed up...
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    Travel needed to London Gatwick for Madrid Game

    Anyone driving to London Gatwick or know the best way to get there from Manchester? Can only find cheap flights for the madrid game from Gatwick (£120 return) but seems miles out of the way
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    laptop virus help needed!!

    Any bluemooners any good with laptops and getting rid of viruses? Just watching videos on internet earlier on and I think I have now got a virus. Everytime I log on I get a warning screen come up saying that the laptop has been blocked by the police and I need to pay £100 to unblock it. A...
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    Need some ideas for decorating the flat!!

    Yeah I know we haven't won the league yet, however I am pretty confident that we will win next weekend and the premier league trophy will be at the Etihad. Unbelievable! Now I live with a united fan from down south (suprise, suprise) and I need ways to piss them off next weekend. Need to annoy...
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    The Cabin in the Woods

    Was released last friday, has anyone seen this yet? Thinking of going to see it this friday but a few online reviews have said it lacks any decent scary bits.
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    Mancini/Balotelli Joke

    Not seen it posted on here yet. <a class="postlink" href="" onclick=";return false;"></a>
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    4000 posts !!!!! wahooooooooooooooooo !

    knew this was coming, haha legend!
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    Singing the blues!
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    WANTED: Sunderland ticket 18-21

    Hi, I'm after an 18-21 ticket for the Sunderland game. Please PM me if you have any spares for sale, Thanks .
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    New Trainers

    What do you reckon guys?
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    Paddy Power City offer

    Paddy power are offering odds of 4/1 for Aguero to score against Blackburn. This bet is only available till 5pm, then it will return to the previous price of 1/2. Also new customers will recieve a £20 free bet <a class="postlink"...
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