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  1. J

    It's Quiet 17 - Glory Thread

    must be the varicose veins playing up. But you have a duty to stand at the ready :-)
  2. J

    It's Quiet 17 - Glory Thread

    Are they offering discounts on the strawberries and cream at Wimbledon? :-)
  3. J

    Raheem Sterling

    It sounds like the issue for Raz is game time. I heard on one of the podcasts that he started 22 games last season. The problem is that he is not getting in ahead of Mahrez, and we have Phil and Grealish jockeying for the left side. in my opinion it is quite telling that Pep only started him...
  4. J

    Welcome Erling Haaland | Signing confirmed on a 5 year deal

    yep one of the pictures of himself he posted on twitter has already got 450,000 'likes'. The King of the North has truly arrived!!
  5. J

    Liverpool Thread - 2021/22

    lol that has made my day. Milner looked like he was at his grandmother’s funeral, and Salah looked like his dog was run over. This is a perfect way to end the season.
  6. J

    Liverpool Thread - 2021/22

    4 trophies in 7 years. Mentality monsters lol
  7. J

    Aston Villa (H) Post Match Thread

    I googled ‘Peter Drury Gundogan goal’ and saw it on YouTube. It was fantastic.
  8. J

    Aston Villa (H) Post Match Thread

    I haven’t looked back on the entirety of the thread, but anyone who hasn’t yet heard Peter Drury’s commentary on Gundo’s final goal is missing out on brilliant work. In my opinion he’s the best of the best in modern football. He really captures the insanity, passion and beauty of the moment.
  9. J

    #17 | Kevin De Bruyne - 2021/22 Performances

    That pass to Gundo for the winning goal was other worldly! At the moment of truth it was Kev that created our victory.
  10. J

    Aston Villa (H) Post Match Thread

    Congratulations to everyone at the club from Pep down to the tea lady! This is a monumental achievement. 10 years after 93:20 we’ve risen from the dead again! What a club, what a team, and we’re led by the greatest manager football has ever seen!
  11. J

    #9 | Gabriel Jesus - 2021/22 Performances

    He has a tremendous fighting spirit. We needed that in the second half.
  12. J

    Aston Villa PL (H) | Man of the Match

    This one’s for Zinny. He’s been to hell and back this year, but when it counted he stood up for City.
  13. J

    #16 | Rodri - 2021/22 Performances

    He was a hero today, and an unsung hero most the the season. A fantastic player!
  14. J

    #11 | Oleksandr Zinchenko - 2021/22 Performances

    He made the difference. We transformed completely when he came on. I know Zinny has his detractors, but he fights for City in a year where we tend to forget his homeland has been invaded. Love you Zinny.
  15. J

    Aston Villa (H) - Sun 22nd May, 16:00 (BST) | Pre-Match Thread

    We’ve really missed Big John. This is fantastic news!
  16. J

    Aston Villa (H) - Sun 22nd May, 16:00 (BST) | Pre-Match Thread

    Enjoy the moment! What wonderful times you must have had over the years (ups and downs!!). Come on City!!!
  17. J

    The Title Race | How many points to win the league? (93)

    You’re more creative than Stephen King :-)
  18. J

    Match Thread | West Ham vs Man City (15/05/22)

    That was to clinch the effing title
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