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    Had to dash last night

    Well wierd I tell you. I was at my local book club to discuss the latest read, which was cool, really enjoyed it. After it was over and these are memories.I remember leaving the house around 7-00 ish and zipping up my coat and hood as it was raining. The next thing I knew it was 4-30am and I...
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    City Blog Post

    I write a wordpress blog and my latest post is ALL City related. Writing it put everything into perspective. I could have gone into much more detail but as a blog wanted to keep it accessible. Have a butchers.
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    Modus Operandi

    So You log in to BLUEMOON. How do you navigate? View active topics. Bookmarked threads? View your posts? Me, I can't keep fucking track. Does my head in. Is there a secret way?
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    This morning I threw my irony out the window...

    Had it coming to be honest.
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    Trouble at'Mill for Maggie's ex Press Secretary?

    Re Hillsborough: Calls for local papers to end Bernard Ingham's Column Over the past few weeks, calls have been growing locally for Bernard Ingham's column to be dropped by local papers.(Hebden Bridge Times) For many years, his persistent attacks on wind energy have angered local...
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    The Mayans were wrong

    According to them upstairs yesterday was the actual end of the world.
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    Favourite Quotations

    Inspired by another thread: let's see your fave quotations. A fine quotation is a diamond in the hand of a man of wit and a pebble in the hand of a fool. Joseph Roux
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    Moving Seats

    I have given up my Colin Bell Level 3 seat in Block 325 ( fantastic view) so I can sit in the south stand with my lad who is visiting for tonight CL match with Dortmund...My seat will presumably be available if you know anyone looking...don't want it to go empty.
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    What happened to Rodwell?

    Was set to start but injured and replaced last min by Lescott...Was it in the warm up? I was late arriving tonight.
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    Fergie Time...Again

    Alex Ferguson says that Manxchester City should not be Champions because the game should have finished earlier. He claims that Joey Barton's sending off was in the course of the game and not time wasting and so no time should've been added on. 'If the referee hadn't given them those 5 minutes...
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    Sweet Caroline

    Whod'a thought Neil Diamond would figure in the title celebrations?
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    Changes at Cardiff?

    Bluebirds see Red CARDIFF CITY could wear red from next season as the club considers a major rebranding exercise. WalesOnline can confirm the...
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    Football Focus today

    Did they cover the Derby?...turned on 5 mins or so late and nowt.
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    Fan Cam on Sunday

    City supporters from all over Greater Manchester are being urged to show their true colours, by dressing head to toe in Blue, for this Sunday’s top of the table clash with Spurs. Blue scarves, hats, gloves, jumpers, coats, kits, T-shirts and faces are the order of the day. Basically, the bluer...
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    Derby Ticket Criteria

    Barclays Premier League Manchester United v MCFC Sunday 23rd October 2011 Kick off 1.30pm Please note there will be no ticket returns in the last week of sale. The club has received an allocation of 2,900 tickets. Ticket prices as follows: £52.00/£43.00/£42.00: Adults £25.00/£24.00/£23.50...
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    World Music is a 'useless' category.....

    but I can't find a thread anywhere on anything similar so here goes....anybody else listening to music that would fall into this category? Here's a couple of tracks to kick us off. Jump in with your own faves.
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    Ban Manchester City from the Premier League

    It's just not fair...we were all playing so nicely and keeping everything sweet amongst the Top 4 and these fuckers just come along and barge past us all...only Utd or Liverpool or Chelsea or Arsenal....teams with great history... are allowed to win stuff...if we let City play in our league they...
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    An omen?

    Before the semi I had to give a friend a lift home from Chorlton to Stretford....I had to drive past 'you know where' on the way and remember thinking as I passed by...I wonder if this is an omen?? all know what happened next. Today I was returning from a job in Uttoxeter and I happened to...
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    Wembley Stadium Ban the Poznan

    From today's Guardian: Wembley stadium safety office Mike Phillips has warned Manchester City fans that they will face a stadium Ban for 'doing the Poznan' Phillips was quoted this morning as saying "This Poznan celebration is in direct contravention of our ground regulations subsection 12...
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