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    MCR craft beer festival

    Has anyone been to this. It looks a bit pricey for tickets although it does include your beer. However, they offer a 'fast track' ticket which has me thinking it'll be that busy that you'd struggle getting your moneys worth...
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    Getting to Prague

    Hi fellow bluemooners Looking for a bit of help regarding getting to Prague in August. Flights from Manchester at the time we are going are really expensive and the London airports aren't great prices either. Thinking of flying to Berlin then getting a train. The journey on the train is...
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    Winter sun holiday advice.

    Me and my missus are looking to go away this November for 14 nights. We've been looking at Cuba and particularly a 3 night in Havana then off to Varadero trip. Got a quote etc but we've read that the food in Cuba can be a bit sketchy. To be honest it's made us consider other options as the...
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    Any blues been to Chorlton for food/Beers? Thinking of trying it next Saturday before Charlatans gig at Victoria Warehouse. Can anyone recommend anywhere to watch the Watford game there? Cheers
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    Seeing the same band/artist over and over and over

    Admittedly inspired by Mad Eyed Screamers dedication to watching Morrissey but also a bloke I work with who's seen Gary Numan loads of times too but not many others. What's the deal with that? The same artist time and time again, I'd imagine a similar set unless a new album is out but even...
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    Isle of Mull

    Morning Blues Me and the wife are doing Scotland as our main holiday this year. 13 nights from 12th June. Loch Lomond 4 nights Isle of Mull 3 nights Isle of Skye 3 nights Edinburgh (on the lash) 3 nights The only part of the trip that's causing us any concern is the isle of mull. We...
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    Has anyone been to this event before? Have any blues been to this in previous years? It sounds decent with the different venues around town and there are a few bands/artists I'm interested in on the line up. However, did you find yourself queueing up all day or not getting into...
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    Decent printer that'll print photo's

    Anyone got one at home that prints quality photos straight from your phone, tablet or laptop? It's a bit of a minefield and I don't want to spend more than I need to so any recommendations appreciated.
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    Holiday pay

    Feel free to merge if needbe but its possibly a debate that can be kept separate. I've read on ACAS website that your employer can make you use your holiday entitlement should the company need to shut down during this crisis, providing they give the appropriate notice. However, I'd rather...
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    Anyone been to Boston (USA)?

    Hi bluemooners. Wife came home last night and suggested Boston as a destination for her 40th in November this year. She was set on going to New York but we have already been and although we both loved NYC, she feels that we should maybe try a new place. She's got the idea from someone at work...
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    Good Food in MCR

    Don't know of there's already a thread on Bluemooners experiences of eating in and around Manchester, if so feel free to merge mods if there is one. If not, there should be as it could a really good resource for blues looking for recommendations. Anyway, after the game yesterday me and the...
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    Lives that tell a great story.

    In light of the new Maradona biopic, who else either now or in the past has a truly remarkable story to tell about their lives? Say what you want about Maradona being a cheat etc. There is still no doubt that he has had a wild life with many factors that us regular folk find very interesting...
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    Peak District - Kinder Scout

    Me and the wife are wanting a decent walk this Saturday seeing as there's no football. Has anyone done Kinder Scout? How challenging is it and are there other walks in the Peak District anyone would recommend over Kinder Scout maybe? Both of reasonable fitness levels.
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    Is landing in bergamo day of the game at 17:20 cutting it too fine???

    As title asks. Is there enough time to dump hand luggage at hotel then get straight to the San Siro. With wife in tow!! Apologies to mods for starting another thread on this trip. I don't want the question getting lost in champions league group games thread.
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    Any experience with going away on your wife's birthday??

    Potential dilemma for our game away at atalanta. It's fell on my wife's birthday and she may not be able to go due to work commitments. (we find out next Wednesday). However, she knows I'd love to se city play in the San Siro and being the brilliant wife she is, she's already said that I'm...
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    Help with finding a pair of trainers Any bluemooners know where I'd get a pair of these from? Looked on a few sites but can't seem to find them anywhere. Obviously other than the one I've posted :/
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    Vinnys 1st game as player/manager

    Anyone thinking of a weekend in Brussels for this? Me and the wife will miss his testamonial as we're in Portugal that week so I mentioned it to her and she seemed up for it. Suppose it depends on our fixtures but could be a goer for me this.
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    Areas with a few good pubs on route to Wembley

    Don’t fancy any of the pubs around wembley as I’ve generally thought they were dumps but it’s the 1st time we’re staying in London and what area is best for a drink that’s easy enough to get to Wembley on tube isn’t something I’m educated on. So are there any areas any blues can recommend...
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    Ajax training session

    Got a random job this morning where I’ve collected a set of goal posts from the Hertfordshire FA and brought them down to bishops stortford FC as Ajax are doing a training session here before going back to Holland. I’m watching the session then taking the goal posts back. Any blues have...
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    Bet advice

    seeking a little bit of advice for a bet I’m on to win. I’ve put a fiver on 4 draws, 3 of which have come in and if the 4th comes in I’ll win £788. The cash out value is £191. The last game is Monday night, Real Betis v espanyol. I’m thinking that the best option is to let it ride, at...
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