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    Best former Blues as Managers

    Not sure if this has been posted as a topic before. But who do we think are the former City players who have made their mark in management. I’ll start off with the obvious (unless you’re a Rag) Matt Busby played 204 times for City and went on to have a successful spell with that lot. Also...
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    Mascot footage vs Burnley

    hi My daughter was mascot yesterday and ran out with Vinny, however our camera malfunctioned and from where I was whilst waiting for her I couldn’t get great footage. If anyone records stuff like this could you let me know so I can get some kind of record of it. I know tunnelcam will come up...
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    Twitter magic 4

    Have to say I’m now holding the proud accolade of being blocked on Twitter by Jamie Jackson, Mark Ogden, Slug Custis & Stan Collymore. None of my tweets to any of them have been offensive, just highlighting their bias & or idiocy in relation to City. Try as I might Duncan Castles hasn’t...
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    14 former City players represented West Ham since 2000

    I’ll start you off with two, Zaba & Joe Hart. Name the other 12... Edit if you add MVF it’s 15 but his last season was 99-00, list is 2000-01 onwards, sack the OP!
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    United 2016/17

    Fascinating insight into how the Rags 'lured' Carlton in The Times the other day, whole premise was about them selling him the idea of his image & how signing for the 'biggest' club in the world would give him the best media exposure. Looks like his ego about his self image overtook his ambition...
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    3 English (or HG) players

    reflecting on Peps indications in this and with Hart likely to leave, Clichy close to finished, who should we target that is either English or home grown if need be? For me (all squad players) Oxlade Chamberlain Rose Ward Prowse Then hopefully top up with Gunn, Tosin etc...
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    Our last world class youth player

    Not meant to be a negative post, but thinking now of how we are about to pay £40m+ on Stones (which I agree with) lots of questions arise, who/when etc was our last top class youth product - Denis Suarez springs to mind, but he want ready. Ronny Lopes hasn't yet done it, Ineacho may be the one...
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    Released 11

    selection of the players released this week, could you pick an eleven to stay up, better than Villa? Distin, Sylvain Flamini, Mathieu Rosicky, Tomas N'Zogbia, Charles Richardson, Kieran Edward Adebayor, Emmanuel Chamakh, Marouane Hangeland, Brede Paulsen McCarthy, Patrick Hibbert, Anthony James...
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    Guardiola's first City press conference

    Half time break in Kiev so thinking ahead here, but would love Pep's 1st talk in front of the cockroaches to set the tone. He should walk in with a Gallagher swagger, slam down a copy of @Gary James tome and layout how the history of this fantastic club has appealed to him, talk about how we...
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    Stevan Jovetic (2015/16)

    And so it begins, sigh......
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    Name the player

    just been sent thus great picture by my son from someone he's met in NZ. Trying to pin down who it is. My head says its Ivor broadis. Though owner of the pic says its 1947, which rules it out. Might be Ernie Phillips, but he didn't play as #2 vs The Rags in the nearest Derby. Any offers?
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    Iconic City games attended

    We're a lucky old bunch now, watching City play the best football in years, at the risks of hopefully avoiding a dick measuring competition, I wondered what were the top 5-10 most iconic City games you'd seen live. I saw the Wembley finals of 76 & 81 on TV but nothing beats being there at a...
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    Surely the most depressingly odious rag loving pundit on TV. Not just that, he actually comes across as remedially stupid. Did he develop Stockholm syndrome whilst on the bench at the swamp? How in anyway can anyone at BT Sport think he is worth a salary - is he a volunteer - are we all on some...
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    Desert island discs

    Noel G on today, as expected coming across brilliantly. Then again as a 48 year old Oasis fan I'm biased
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    Clueless misrepresentations of our club

    No not an agenda thing, but getting pretty peeved at the poor way our club is perceived. First post a link to a Villa blog about Delph, mostly okay (had to post a comment as I was so annoyed at point 7) 10. England. The European Championships are just around the corner and Delph has...
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    Stealing a living

    Transfer forum getting tiresome at present so thought of something to occupy some time - just saw that another poster refer to Danny a Mills stealing a living on another thread, which is a great term I use myself about a few people. So who in football, players/managers/pundits are stealing a...
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    Abdou Lahat Diakhate

    Manchester City are battling Arsenal for the signature of Fiorentina teenager Abdou Lahat Diakhate, sources for SiaS have been told. The 16-year-old Senegalese midfielder is rated one of the hottest prospects at his club, who have already rebuffed advances from both of the Milan giants. Arsenal...
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    not particularly bothered about Tennis, however big Blue Liam Broady is in the first round, so good luck to him. He's also on Twitter @liambroady & no I'm not his agent....
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    Josh Onomah

    Anyone heard seen anything of this one?
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    United Thread 2015/16

    Well this amused me, potatoes that look like Rooney, or maybe Rooney's that look like potatoes
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