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    Covid rules for a quick weekend in Spain

    Evenin' Just looking at getting away for the weekend and noticed I can goto Ibiza for £25. I might book it but then I start trying to work out the covid rules and I'm struggling. Does anyone know the rules because it looks like I can get into Spain with my covid passport on the NHS app...
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    Places for Sledging

    Afternoon, Little lad says if it snows over the weekend can I take him sledging. I live in Hazel Grove, anyone recommend anywhere? Thanks in advance.
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    City circle / name disks

    Afternoon, So after all the hassle and multiple year wait we finally got the disks in a ceremony last year. It was quiet well done and me and my dad enjoyed it. Not been to a day match for a while as we both tend to work weekend but managed to get down to the Stoke match yesterday. We went...
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    Ticket office again

    Evenin' So pissed off with the ticket office last night. I'd booked and paid for my ticket the day before. Don't have a great deal of cash but bought 2 tickets for my dads 63rd birthday on a credit card. Gets to the ground before the match and queued up to collect our tickets. Massive queue...
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    Next seasons kit Saw this on FB. Not sure if it's legit or not but looks decent.
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    Doom closed alpha codes Xbox & ps4

    Afternoon, I've got two alpha codes if anyone wants them. One for ps4 EAFD-TKNC-DC65 And one for Xbox one WQVDT-YMPQ6-PTGRQ-4HT9R-FYGPZ Closed Alpha Test Schedule Start: Thursday, December 3, 2015 @ 10:00 p.m. Eastern Time (UTC - 5) Burst test: Saturday, December 5, 2015 @ 4:00 p.m. Eastern...
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    Pre-season preparations (merged)

    Evenin' Keep thinking about something Jose M said last year. Apparently Chelsea agreed at his request to cancel all pre-season tours etc in order for him to work the team, gell the new signings and get the correct amount of pre-season prep in place. They won the league with a fair bit to spare...
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    CFG WIFI password

    Evenin' At the match but...does anyone know the username and pass for the wifi? I'm assuming it's te CFG connection?
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    If you could cure all known diseases would you?

    In light of the Ebola virus I wondered, if you could cure all known diseases would you? Have a good think about the implications before you answer. Friday night after a beer question.
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    Funny Photoshop request

    Afternoon all, Can anyone photoshop this so its Man U instead? LOL! Want to Facebook it for a couple of mates.
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    FIFA 15

    Just a thought, Wonder if MAN U will have a less than 5 * team this time round? You would think so, would FIFA 15 be the first FIFA they don't have a decent team?
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    quick release baby gate

    Morning, I'm after putting a babygate onto my little lads bedroom door but if I do this then I cant close his door at night. Im wondering if there are any instant release babygates - im imagaining a handle that when pushed down it locks it into place and when pulled up the gate comes free and...
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    Unable to view forum linked YouTube videos on IOS device.

    Afternoon, I know someone has mentioned this before but I couldn't find the post. I used to be able to see forum linked YouTube videos on my iPhone/ipad but no more. Anyone know why? Or more importantly is there anything that can be done to resolve it? Thanks in advance.
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    Moved house. No Sky or terrestrial tv. Any work-arounds?

    Evenin' all, Just moved house and sky can't come and install my dish etc for a week. There's no normal arial in the house either because its all been renovated and there's no wires. Thought I'd just watch stuff on my sky planner but have no found out I can't do this either. Why I can't watch...
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    Identify tune on the radio

    Can you help me. Heard a top tune on the radio today. It was really slow, guy singing had a really high pitch voice. Was about opposites : you don't appreciate the sun till you have had the rain, You dine appreciate the love till its gone. That kind of thing. Anyone help identify it?
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    PMT and women

    Seriously want to fly off the handle with my missus. Horribley scrouty little cow when its PMT week. Why is it ok to abuse all and sundary for 1/4 of your life just because your in a bad mood. I get in a bad mood if I dont have a regular wank but I dont take it out on everyone. So foooked...
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    Actually quite excited!

    Afternoon, I was a biggie Bobby inner but he's gone and so lets get our heads around it. The more time that passes the better I feel about it and the more a fresh start sounds quiet exciting if we get the right man. (Not Rafa!) Really hoping it will be Pellagrini. He sounds quiet the opposite...
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    FA Cup final - on at City Square?

    Afternoon all, Modes anyone know if City are screening the final at City Square?
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    PFA Chief Gordon Taylor on Talksport.

    This morning, Said he would be having a congratulatory bottle of wine for Sir Alex at the player awards this Sunday and he hoped Sir Alex would join him. Now there's impartiality for you! Wondering he had a bottle with Bobby last year? I doubt it somehow.
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    Humoured retort req : everything happens for a reason....

    Would be appreciated! Cheers Everything happens for a reason......
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