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    Break in, insurance claim

    Garage got broken into last night, scum stole my bike and drill, anyone got any experience in claiming on house insurance? Is it worth it in regards to premiums going up? And how much do you get back? My bike was £750 when bought. Can't speak to my insurance company till I get my crime...
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    Manchester run

    Is anyone running tomorrow? i'm doing the half marathon at 9am then going to watch the 10k, think it will be a emotional day for everyone involved
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    Places to eat in the countryside

    Live in Denton, fancy a drive somewhere nice for lunch, not bothered about type of pub/restaurant or cuisine, looking to go Thursday, any suggestions??
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    Lost phone help

    Left my phone in a taxi last night, taxi driver txtd my mate to say he had it, off my phone, and to ring to collect, tried ringing and got no answer, several times, ive only got his number, would the police get involved with this? i know it was my fault, but its a £400 phone
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    Great north run

    Horrible news from today as someone died during the run, It was so hot, very uncomfortable to run in, i seen a couple of people who had collapsed around the 11 mile mark, they didn't look in a good way, so sad, as over 60000 people are doing the run for charities and in memory of loved ones,
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    So many nice people about

    just wanted to say how many kind and generous people their is about. im doing the big fun run in wythenshaw park tomorrow for christies. my wife is being looked after by christies as she battles terminal lung cancer. i just wanted to give something back, for all the care and treatment she has...
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    World cup fantasy football... bluemoon league

    made a world cup league, if anyone is interested <a class="postlink" href="" onclick=";return false;"></a> league pin is 8197334 password is 9320
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