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    Just a reminder

    Tomorrows match is on 17.55.
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    If you suddenly got famous...

    Then someone dug up your previous online posts/twitter etc- would you survive the backlash? Who on here do you think would be fucked?
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    Andre Rieu

    This man and his orchestra are absolutely brilliant. I watched one of his concerts on tv last year and was blown away. Up until then I had never listened to any classical music. I am a bit gutted it's only recently I've become aware of his music. I plan to go and see him next year in Liverpool...
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    Sticky Vicky

    Anyone have the pleasure of watching her perform, sadly I've never had the opportunity. My uncle says it was one of the funniest things he has ever seen.
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    Ask a stupid question...

    Where do dead birds bodies go?. Also why do you never see baby pigeons?
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    Where's Max the UEFA guy?

    Anyone know?
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    Invite to dinner

    If you could have dinner with any two people (alive or dead) who would it be and why?
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    78 points on his driving licence

    A 24yr old man from Bradford is still legally driving despite racking up 78 points in four years. How is that even allowed?
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    Mark Ronson BBC2

    Well worth a watch .
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    Things that give you Heebie-Jeebies

    My mate had his four fingers on the hinge side of a fire door when someone slammed it shut. I don't know what was worse the sound of bones being snapped or the look of horror on his face. His hand was a mangled wreck needless to say.
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    Do you own anything red?

    I've never bought any item (luxury) in red. Be it clothes or cars or anything. Sad I know but I just can't do it.
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    Car replacement advice

    I am looking to replace my Renault Scenic (no piss taking) . It has been a great car loaded with loads of extras- satnav. auto lights/wipers. A/c. Keyless etc. I am looking to spend about 13k cash for similar spec. Any suggestions?
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    Megan Rapinoe

    Wants equal pay for women in football. What a load of nonsense. When's it going to stop. Sorry if there's already a thread on this.
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    You know you're getting old when...

    You only recognise one song on the radio after listening for over an hour. Not being able to read cooking instructions on the back of the packet.
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    Stupid little things that bug you

    Just got some diesel and I can never get it to stop at £10 it always goes 1p over. What stupid thing bugs you?
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    Best type of dog

    Thinking of getting a dog now the kids are a bit older 9yrs+ . Any recommendations?
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    On a desert island , 1 album?

    Pink Floyd Animals
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    Coolest ever movie star

    Surely its got be Steve McQueen followed by Robert Redford.
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    Favourite car growing up.

    Mine was Sierra Cosworth a beast.
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    Seeing players in strange places

    I remember standing next to Uwe Rosler in the toilets at Wembley v Gillingham. Anyone else remember?
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