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  1. J

    Oxford stream

    Apologies if this should be in general. Has anyone got any decent links to the game tonight? thanks in advance
  2. J

    Mary d's

    anybody know if it is open today for the game. Thanks
  3. J

    Gladbach away

    Sorry if posted elsewhere but can't find anything. Where are the majority of blues staying on the Tuesday before the game. Thanks
  4. J

    Burnley away

    can someone let me know the points criteria for this game please. My iPad playing up a bit Thanks
  5. J

    Palace, burley, Sunderland , Sheffield we'd tkts

    Season ticket available for all these games as i am away. Less than face value East stand lev 1 block 109 Pm me if interested. Thanks
  6. J

    Meet / pubs for wembley

    Sorry if posted elsewhere I couldn't find anything. Are there any plans for blues to meet on Sunday and what pubs have been allocated. Thanks in advance
  7. J

    why no 108?

    Bored shitless obviously, and nothing going on with transfers etc. Anyway was wondering why in East Lower there is no 108 stand ( i think ) and it goes 106 106a or something like that. Have they retired the numbers?
  8. J

    Liverpool travel - spaces

    return mini bus from Swinton going to Liverpool game tomorrow. 3 spare places if anyone interested. PM me if interested. cheers
  9. J

    villareal coaches - thanks to jaymcfc

    Thanks pal - saved a load of pissing about and must of been a bit of a nightmare sorting it out in the 1st place and then shepherding 150 pissed up blues! well done Anyone go any pics by the way?
  10. J

    Villa EL 109 - £20

    tkt v villa - east stand lower block 109 - £20 Be in Townley at 12 till 1 Anyone interested pmme please.
  11. J

    Villareal Party - Valencia

    Any blues staying in Valencia for the Villareal game? If so where and anyone know of any decent bars etc where us blues could meet up for a sesh? If anyone looking for hotel, try the Hotel Kris Consul Del Mar, town centre 4 star c/w sauna,pool etc. £22 per night!
  12. J

    juice eppi rossi

    wot a goal - proper juicy -just scored for villareal. pure class. Shaking bacon fukked up big time there. Go get this lad in January when Tevez goes to Corinthians
  13. J

    daily mirror poster

    In the Mirror pull out poster it seems they have super imposed a fat Brian Kidd on to it and there is someone lay down bottom left hand side and they have imposed (poorly) someone elses face on. Have i missed something?
  14. J

    coat of arms

    Im too pissed off with the fact the FA have not let us wear the Mcr coat of arms on our shirt a sper tradition. What pissed me off even more is that i was led to believe that the scum were not allowed to wear it as they were outside the Manchester boundary. Googled 'Manchester coat of arms'...
  15. J

    Scum takeover

    A couple of rag 'mates' are adamant that them lot are deep into negotiations regarding an iminent takover by the Qatar royal family (or similar). Its the usual "i know someone who text someones uncles gran who knows the cleaner at the swamp" stuff. But they are giving it out big time with this...
  16. J

    1-0 down

    Lad at work (arm chair rag ) just said to me that he thinks we will have more of a chance of beating them next weekend if we were to go 1 down early on as we would have to open up and attack. At first i told him to stop talking out of his bumhole but i have been thinking. If RB goes defensive...
  17. J

    memorial garden

    Can anyone help please? I have tried phoning the club but either cannot get through to the right dept or there is no answer. A few of us placeds a marble plaque in the garden in remembrance of a close mate who passed away last year. As you will be aware the garden has been dug up and i am...
  18. J

    red and black tnite?

    If already posted please delete mods. There is a mention on the OS re red and black tonight for Neil Young but ii have'nt seen any mention on here. Is everyone wearing the colours tonight? and will they be selling scarves etc outside the ground and in the store? Should be quite effective if...
  19. J


    For obvious reasons this is now the most important game of this season by far. The team spirit within our club has been questioned all season and the time has come to either dispel the myth and ram it up the shit stirring media or let this Tevez shite completely fuck us up. This game is so big...
  20. J

    swp well done son

    Well played Shauny lad. Always gives his all for the blues. Played really well today and proved to me that regardless of the emotional attachment we have with him and visa versa that, he should stay. He still has plenty to offer the team/ squad. his stepdads still a nob though
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