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  1. J

    When did you get into football/City?

    Interested in hearing how old everyone was when they properly got into footy. I was a late bloomer - was a teenager really when I properly got into it. My dad is a part time armchair red and his real passion is rugby, so I was never dragged to games by him. My late uncle was a massive blue...
  2. J

    Younger United fans

    Okay hear me out - I’m just on the bus into town and there’s some young lad, probably about 14, with a rag shirt on, and it got me thinking - this lad has only ever known United to be a shite laughing stock. Much in the same way as young City fans have only known City to be winners. So...
  3. J

    Pictures of dogging

    Following on from the highly successful pictures taken by your dog thread, wondered if anyone has any dogging photos, maybe found accidentally when searching for farm equipment.
  4. J

    New trend of drinking piss Apparently drinking his own piss has cured him of his mental health problems. To be honest we’ve all drank stale piss before, if you’ve ever bought a pint at the Etihad anyway.
  5. J

    City fan banned for three years for throwing a pie

    LOL Come on, which one of you was it? Obviously not condoning this but a three year ban?! Knowing the pies at City it won't have even been hot.
  6. J

    Pep coaching ball boys

    His attention to detail is just mental isn’t it. It’s why he’s the absolute best in the world.
  7. J

    Watch for sale

    Alright laaa I was in the city end at the game today and managed to find a watch some lad dropped. If anyone wants it I’ll be on Toxteth market on Monday. Don’t tell the bizzies.
  8. J

    David Silva Testimonial

    Anyone know what happened to this? Am sure Pep/the club said we’d get him over for a testimonial or some sort of event for the fans so we can give him a proper send off. His last game for us was behind closed doors and there’s no way they can just leave it at that surely.
  9. J

    The Responder

    Really good documentary on everyday life in Liverpool with Martin Freeman. Anyone seen it?
  10. J

    The worst sandwich shop in Manchester.

    Went to the Sopranos inspired ‘Bada Bing’ recently. 10 quid for a sandwich and it was a soggy vinegary mess that went straight in the bin. Absolutely rank, and I was expecting great things.
  11. J

    New Zealand to ban smoking

    I'm a non-smoker and don't live in New Zealand so it doesn't affect me one bit, but it feels a bit too authoritarian to me this. If someone wants to smoke, having made an informed decision as an adult to do so, they should have every right to IMO. Personally I've never understood the...
  12. J

    Christmas tree delivery?

    Can anyone recommend somewhere that delivers decent Christmas trees? Stockport/South Mcr. Bought a new motor this year and there’s no way I’m putting a filthy tree inside it!
  13. J

    Team Sheet leaking

    This seems to be happening quite a lot recently - for the last few games our team sheet has been leaked hours before kickoff. Same thing happened for the champions league final. Anyone else slightly concerned here? It’s obviously coming from someone deep inside the club (coaching staff??) and...
  14. J

    The ‘Paul Hand Band’

    Anyone else feel like decking this clown? Fuck me he’s like something from Phoenix Nights.
  15. J

    Diesel engines

    Following on from reading the PCP thread I’ve decided to get rid of the car I bought only 6 months ago and walk away from the deal with possibly even a small profit. I want something faster. Looking at a BMW 120D. I’ve had a couple of BMWs before but never had a diesel. The ones I’m looking at...
  16. J

    Tapatalk crashes on launch

    Anyone else noticed Tapatak crashes when you open it? Seems to be since the last iOS update. I get a black screen. I need to quit the app and relaunch it, then it works.
  17. J

    Boring rag chants

    I don’t think we should be chanting about United all the time at games that don’t involve them at all. It’s small time and we were past that over a decade ago. Does my fucking head in every game. “Who the fuck are Man United” when we’re playing Southampton? Nothing to do with this...
  18. J

    Buying tickets for people

    Ok I’m sure this has been explained elsewhere so sorry..but am after an answer to a simple question in the context of e-ticket world. A bird at work is from France and wants a couple of tickets for PSG at the Etihad to take her kids. Not arsed about where she sits. I’m a ST holder on all the...
  19. J

    Americana / thread

    When discussing Jason Isbell the other day someone said we need an Americana / thread. So, here we go. To kick things off with a niche suggestion, do we have any fans of Slaid Cleaves here? I bought his 'Wishbones' album years ago, and am just digging through the rest of his...
  20. J

    9/11: Inside the President’s War Room - BBC / Apple TV+ Documentary

    I watched this on iPlayer last night. Very harrowing stuff and an extensive and rare interview with George W Bush. Like many people, I chalked him off as a bit of a clown but the decisions he had to make that day I wouldn’t wish on anyone. Fascinating to hear from people on the inside...
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