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    Cristiano Ronaldo

    I feel sorry for Sam Lee and Tom Worville after doing such a comprehensive deep dive in The Athletic this morning.
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    Everton thread 2020/21

    Ancelotti strongly linked with a return to Madrid.
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    Champions League Final | Post-Match Thread

    Cameras dwelt on Jesus sitting on the pitch after the final whistle, being consoled by Cancelo, and I got the very real impression that he was frustrated and baffled by the way the manager had us set up, and I think his sentiments would have been echoed elsewhere in the dressing room. The whole...
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    Is left back really a problem?

    Anybody think it would be worth taking a cheeky punt on Bukayo Saka at Arsenal?
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    #5 | John Stones - 2020/21 Performances

    Really impressed with him last night - seemed very comfortable on the ball, not panicking, composed passes between himself Kyle and Ake.
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    Cardiff (A) Pre Match Thread

    Is the correct answer.
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    Lyon (H) - Post Match Thread

    Good post, well written.
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    Hip Hop/Rap Appreciation thread

    I’m by no means an authority on HipHop/Rap but I really enjoyed what I heard (maybe the first 3 songs). There’s an incredible verse midway through the first song - spittin’ out lyrics type thing.
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    Good Championship Sites

    Thanks for all the replies guys. After wading through them all I’ve settled on Cheers.
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    Good Championship Sites

    Quick query guys: I’m looking to stay up to date with all things EFL Championship. Any site recommendations specific to that League? Thanks.
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    Mikel Arteta

    I believe this is the article you're looking for:
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    A general word of thanks to our match-going fans ….

    Before the new Season starts I just wanted to post a quick message of appreciation to all of our loyal match-going fans. As an Irish-based Blue, I haven’t been in a position to travel over and support my team in the flesh - hopefully that’ll change in the next few years. I know we all love our...
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    TV Series

    Finished these recently: Killing Eve The Alienist Impulse They're all really really good.
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    Pre-Season Friendly in Dublin?

    No idea @depps - radio silence at the moment. I'd imagine it would need to be announced fairly sharpish if it's to go ahead.
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    Pre-Season Friendly in Dublin?

    FYI @Blue Smarties - this was the lineup for our last cup in Dublin in 2011. Manchester City: Joe Hart, Micah Richards, Vincent Kompany, Joleon Lescott, Aleksander Kolarov (Karim Rekik 87), Nigel De Jong, Yaya Toure (Denis Suarez 88), David Silva (Gareth Barry 79), James Milner (Adam Johnson...
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    Pre-Season Friendly in Dublin?

    Gunners' fans/message boards are counting it as a fixture of their preseason - though with the caveat of it being 'yet to be confirmed' - so, there's definitely something to it.
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    Pre-Season Friendly in Dublin?

    Ha, true @TonyM - not sure GAA-heads would lower themselves though. Dublin wouldn't be too bad a trip though - albeit midweek.
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    Pre-Season Friendly in Dublin?

    Chances are high that it will be @purplenose but it’s also worth noting that mid-June to mid-September is actually forecast to be quite settled and warm, especially in the East.
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    City Special (Sky Sports PL)

    Ever visited Off-Topic?
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    Pre-Season Friendly in Dublin?

    You're right, that's quite a schedule. It may turn out to be nonsense. We'll see.
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