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    New “UEFA Financial Sustainability” rules

    So these are coming in to replace the old FFP. Swiss Ramble, as always, has a fantastic (long) thread on them: Tl;dr - we should be absolutely fine although it’s notable that the “fair market value” rule applies to all deals, not just related party transactions going forward although I...
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    Text size

    Not sure if this is my end or a forum issue but for some reason this morning, the text size on Bluemoon on my iPhone has hugely increased as if I’m half blind. It’s only on Bluemoon that it’s happened and all other websites are as they were. Anyone else seen similar?
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    FBI helps Dubai ruler capture his daughter

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    Russian Champagne - Putin goes too far Fucking weirdos.
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    Love Island 2021

    We can all agree it’s been a tough 18 months but this week sees the event we’ve been waiting for during the dark days. A large group of attractive yet vacuous no marks will grace our screens and offer the chance to be low-key titillated (and give us an hour’s peace every night whilst the...
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    Tweets not showing

    Anyone else getting this? Not just on that thread but all of them. May just be but thought I’d ask.
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    Simon Rattle - British Conductor

    Name me a better conductor from these Isles. I’ll wait. Huge loss to the London Symphony Orchestra
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    Life on Venus (?)

    First off I saw this So dig some digging and this appears to be the big news: More explanation here:
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    Watching With or Without "Crowd Noise"

    Not sure what the options were like in the UK or elsewhere but on Bein Sport we had the option of crowd noise being added in or not on the audio/language button. Before kick off I told my wife I didn't want to listen with a fake crowd soundtrack and I watched the first ten minutes with the...
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    If you were [working*] today

    If you were a minimum wage worker in the jobs market today while this coronavirus is running rampant throughout the United Kingdom would you risk your health in working at a supermarket. This is just to finish the year and make sure people can buy food. I most certainly would not risk my health...
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    Don’t F**k With Cats (Netflix)

    Anyone seen it? I watched all three episodes on a flight back from Christmas last night. Was pretty fascinating, there are some a) sick fuckers around and b) some people with a lot of time on their hands about* *yes I understand the irony of that given how many times I have posted in the...
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    “Explosion” Heard Across London

    Very early news coming through No confirmation of what it is yet. Seems to have been heard over 50 miles. Sonic boom perhaps? Edit: Met Police calling it a bang:
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    Netanyahu to face charges

    Breaking news. Israeli PM will face charges of bribery, fraud and breach of trust. He denies all charges and says he is the victim of a witch hunt.
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    Transgender Sportswomen in Sport

    read this from Samuels in today’s Mail: “Maxine Blythin, the transgender cricketer with ambitions to represent England's women, also plays at club level for a local men's team. For Chesham second XI, she has an average for 15. For her women's team, St Lawrence and Highland Court, her average...
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    Sri Lanka Easter Sunday Bomb Blasts

    Awful awful stuff with at lease 137+ killed: At least 137 people have been killed and hundreds more injured in explosions at churches and hotels in Sri Lanka, police and hospital sources say. At least six explosions have been reported. Three churches in Kochchikade, Negombo and Batticaloa...
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    Unbiased Officials

    Thought this may deserve a threa if it’s own rather being lost in a 100 pager. This is the 4th official celebrating the Liverpool winner. How can we believe they are unbiased?
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    Michael Jackson

    So what are we saying now with this new documentary movie? Confirmed nonce like Gary Glitter or are there still some doubts from people that really like his music?
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    Michael Foot and the KGB

    So did a quick search after listening to one of the latest ‘Dan Snow’s History Hit’ and found this post by Malg which many may not have seen as it was sandwiched in a thread of Pig Fucker Cameron. Though it worth a wider audience as does the podcast: Podcast about Oleg and more detail on...
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    Texas Police Officer Kills Man in his Own Home Image copyrightBOTHAM SHEM JEAN/FACEBOOK A police officer in the US state of Texas has shot and killed a man in a flat after mistakenly thinking she was in her own unit, police say. The unnamed Dallas officer entered the apartment after her...
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    Why We Fight It’s a podcast from Dan Snow’s History Hit. His guest is a former soldier and now an conflict academic and PhD and he talks about: Dan talks to Mike Martin about the...
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