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    Andy Fordham dies

    Very sad news. I remember the doc he did on getting fitter. rip
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    Underrated British actors

    Anytime I watch a good British drama, Line of Duty and The Fall for instance, the talent is usually excellent. Great supporting casts that I feel deserve more recognition. For me Neil Maskell is the standout you never really hear about but anything with him in I'll watch Any others?
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    Oh, Mario... At least the guys consistent. Still, he could have been one of the greats. Still love you Mario
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    Warp label

    So many great bands on one label. The greatest contemporary record label for me
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    YouTube down.

    All over Twitter. I have Premium and now sat twiddling my thumbs.. is it Bidens first act? Bring back Trump!
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    Top 50 managers of all time

    Great reading (although the grammar is terrible) I don't agree with everything tho.. and a couple I've never heard of.
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    Hi Fi

    With all the music that is debated, posted and loved on this forum.. Are there any of you into Hi Fi? Not exclusively but: Cambridge Audio Cyrus Linn Monitor Audio Roksan Etc. I'd love to hear your systems and setups/advice. Only got into it last couple of years but my whole collection...
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    Music that’s relevant of the time

    Anima by Thom Yorke comes to mind. Amazing album.. Can’t post links.
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    Aphex Twin

    Tomorrow at Mayfield Depot Manchester. Been waiting a LONG time. Missed out on the Red Bull event the other week in London, tickets sold out in minutes. Anyone going?
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    Happy Mondays tonight Manchester Academy

    I've had 3 people let me down tonight, so if any of you are out and about then I have 3 tickets available. Fuck all, free.. ZILCH. PM
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    Policeman shoots...

    ..himself in the foot
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    Neil Young

    Any fans? Can't stop listening to On The Beach at the moment. For me his best album followed a close second by Tonights The Night...
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    Son of Cushi

    Bit weird.. I bought an album online from this guy and his dad is a poster on here. I can't remember my login to get it again. Would love a CD copy if possible, so I can rip at a higher quality. I'll pay again of course! Thanks.
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    Ronnie Corbett Dies

    Sad. The 2 Ronnies, one of the best.
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    Autechre tonight Manchester. Great Northern Warehouse

    Got a spare ticket for tonight, free to a good home. Don't want it to go to waste. Pm me if interested. Cheers blues.
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    Delayed Flights

    Currently at Schiphol Holland and our flight has been delayed from 3pm until 4.45pm and looks like getting longer. Does anyone know when the compo kicks in?? Flying with EasyJet by the way..
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    We are doomed...

    Well, kind of. Google is teaching computers to dream..
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    Gary Barlow...

    .. Is he losing it? What's with all the wedding singing??
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    Retro Game Lovers....

    I've been trying to find a decent way to play the old SNES/Megadrive MAME and Even PSX games in a practical way for a while, and on the cheap. Just bought this for £50 from Ebuyer A bargain in my opinion.. Even football manager on the SNES with the star...
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