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    Anyone Ever Had One of These (or still got one)

    Clearing a few things out of the loft yesterday (no football) found the old Kappa Shirt (blue one ) and EIDOS shirt. And this !!!!
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    Racist podcast rant - Arsenal fan & 'Comedian' Alan Davies not happy with us

    It seems like we’ve broken Arsenal - Bit Racist in my opinion
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    Paul Simpson

    Paul Simpson: Bristol City assistant head coach steps back after cancer diagnosis good luck simo
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    Arthur Moore - Lanzarote R.I.P

    just read on Facebook that Arthur had sadly lost his fight with the big C, known him over 10 years we go to Lanza twice a year always spend a few days / nights in there. And will be back again in three weeks Arthur’s was the only official City bar I know of full of flags shirts scarfs etc Top...
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    Brighton Parking

    anyone found any reasonable parking in Brighton Sunday/Monday Staying at the travel lodge beach front so wanna be reasonably close but don’t want to spend more on parking than I did on the digs !!
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    Southampton Away Tickets Needed

    Sorry Mods, had to start a new thread as the other two are locked! Please merge Mate and his lad have been let down there OSC. Forgot to put the order in After an adult and child or two adults tickets Trains and hotels booked and it's the youngsters birthday so it's part of his pressie If...
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    Dublin For The Palace Game

    in Temple bar this weekend anyone know if the game will be shown anywhere considering it's a 3-00pm and FA Cup usually difficult to get a stream
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    Citizens Weekend

    anyones tickets arrived yet? Or have I missed something and re print at home ?
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    "Special Bru"

    Right come on. It was a headline in one of the papers this morning. Sounds like a new song for the lad. Could even be a revival for Buster Bloodvessel and Bad Manners to get back in the charts! So come on let's get some lines together! Who can post video clips do the younger ones will know...
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    Cambridge Centre Pubs Bayern Munich Away Game

    Any blues in Cambridge recommend a boozer to watch the game. I'm working down there for a few days that week. Anywhere close to the Hilton Double Tree. Been on Google, there's quite a few rather be with a few more blues. Will only arrive in Cambridge about 7ish so as close a possible. Is it on...
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    Mini Bus From Macclesfield To Wembley

    5/6 spare seats on a minibus leaving 7.30-8.00 from Macc railway station carpark Should be around £35 if full PM me for the number of the lad who is organising it
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    Rick McCraken R.I.P.

    Rick was a top blue. He passed away last week at home I understand. Just after the Villa game. He was 45 and had a heart attack.I understand he had a scare the previous week. His funeral is tomorrow/today fri at Macc crem. Many of his blue friends will be in attendance. The order of the day is...
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    Munich Public Transport- Anyone sussed it yet?

    Arriving in Munich Monday early evening and coming back Wed lunch time. Is there a ticket you can buy that covers all trips in the three days. Some offer unlimited travel in certain zones, but dont include the airport. The machines look abit confusing, especaily as I will no doubt be half cut...
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    Green Man Hotel Accomodation For The Community Shield

    Did anyone stay at the Green Man for the semi or the final? If so is it as bad as the feedback forums say so Does the price of the room cover parking
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    Need Some Evidence

    Had a request from my Bro-in-law, We know we were the last full English team to win the top flight division in 1968, its common knowledge, a rag he works with has challenged this and he's asked me for back up. Cant find official evidence anywhere.....Anyone help?
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    The official ILove Peter Crouch Thread

    I Love Him Mate of mine secured a tkt today because of this fantastic feller, Thus I got his.................and the rest is history
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    Mini Bus From Macclesfield To Wembley( Both Buses Now Full)

    Mini buses going from Macc, leaving approx 6.30 £37 p/h including parking, going to the Green man pub as we did for the semi's . Approx 5 spaces remaining atm. Leaving from Macc Station PM me if interested.......Yes you can drink. Poss pick ups on the way<br /><br />-- Fri May 06, 2011 11:33 pm...
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    Sobering Thought

    Just back from the pub talking to a Rag nice bloke though , talking about the 5-1 and him being one of the last ones still in Platt Lane that day. He's now watching Sale Rugby after that. ( Actually said on the day, thats it until Fergies sacked) I F***ing Wish Anyway the conversation moved...
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    Signing Off For Salzburg

    On my way, bag packed, european beer tokens at the ready. passport and tickets "Lansdown road Lansdown road we are coming"
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