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    Is English Football reaching a tipping point?

    We have just witnessed a season where City have utterly dominated the wealthiest ever premier league with more player and managerial talent than ever before, all done playing Pep's possession based football. The conventional wisdom from the press, pundits and old boys club of managers that this...
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    Digital & Social Media Battleground for Clubs

    This is a really informative and interesting read, even though it is in the Daily Mail! Worth a lookfor those interested in club finances and strategy, and the battle for hearts and minds around the World. Looks like we are leading the way in terms of percentage growth and if our current form...
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    Things can't go on like this! Or can they?

    Out of curiosity listened to Talksport for a few minutes today, the theme of the day was that football spending was out of control, we can't carry on like this, need a cap on transfer fees (!?), transfers and wages and agents fees can't keep going up etc etc. Reported Levy talking about...
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    We have finally won a press award...

    Voted "The Worst 20 seconds of Football ever played" Only a joint award with Crystal Palace, but great to get some recognition at last!
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    What the Hull is going on there?

    The one thing I keep hearing about Hull is what a paper thin squad, and have just sold their 2 best players (Snodgrass & Livermore). BBC have just announced that they have loaned Alex Bruce & James Weir to Wigan. I haven't noticed them buying anyone, so what on earth is the plan? I can only...
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