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    Classic reggae tunes

    Walking in the rain with Lorraine in my ford escort lol
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    80's Groove

    Thanks !
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    80's Groove

    Used to play a bit of keith sweat ,over 30 years ago unbelievable gone nowhere
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    Best Pub, Bar, Diner and Restaurant Scenes on Film?

    Al Pacino ,the godfather restaurant scene
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    Raheem Sterling

    Hope he goes & wish him well but not half the player he was . Time for both parties to move on imo
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    What Song Gives You The Summer Vibe

    In the summertime. Mungo Jerry going up the country Canned heat
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    Golf Thread

    Bet he doesn’t stay for a pint after lol
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    Golf Thread

    Brilliant to watch & a great win but tough on zalatoris .
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    United Thread - 2021/22

    You are my favourite poster mate on scum hating ! But this tormented decline they are in is a joy to watch.
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    Song lyrics that actually tell a story.

    Hurricane - bob dylan
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    Song titles containing a boy's name

    Sweet gene Vincent - Ian dury & the blockheads
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    Song titles containg a girl's name

    Isnt that about a cat ?
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    Song titles containg a girl's name

    Janine - Bowie
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    Russian invasion of Ukraine

    Housing estate now lol
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    Stomach ulcers

    I have to take 40mg esomeprazole twice a day I copped for Barrett’s esophagus not great . i have a endoscopy the consultant removed some benign polyps but last time he said see you in 3 years for you next one . Watchful waiting I’ve been told .
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    The Ederson Santana de Moraes Appreciation Thread

    No Ederson no tittle it’s that simple imo
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    City ginger 11

    Still in his tache lol
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    Mike Summerbee OBE

    Great news
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    City ginger 11

    Gerry gow
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