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    Any Long Covid sufferers on here?

    As I mentioned when I started this thread I was getting ridiculous wrist and foot pain and couldn’t do the simplest things some days. Last few weeks I was suddenly pain free and could tie laces, chop food, walk to work without limping and maybe even do a couple of press ups! Then suddenly last...
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    R Kelly

    The whole thing is incredibly inconsistent. Kevin Spacey gets accused of very inappropriate behaviour and his career is ended; the man is a pariah now despite a trial or conviction. Woody Allen gets accused of abusing his daughter and he gets invited to the Oscars where he receives a very warm...
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    Michael Owen

    Liked to ‘play away’ did Bryan. Allegedly.
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    Emirates Old Trafford

    I was there for RHCP concert and the venue staff outside the gates were rude and ignorant. Inside it was a little better until the farce with A$AP Rocky running late and coming on last - those of us not bothered about seeing him had to try and get out while others were pushing forward to get to...
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    Greatest front man to a band

    Steven Tyler for me. Bon Scott a close second.
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    Hard men of football

    Has Julian Dicks not had a mention yet?
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    New stressed/worn looking guitars

    If it’s a copy of an iconic guitar like Jimmy Page’s dragon tele then I kind of get it but ‘preconditioned’ just for the sake of it makes no sense to me.
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    Best Live Performance In Your Opinion?

    Saw Red Hot Chili Peppers last night at Old Trafford cricket ground. Absolutely amazing stuff, plus they started with a cracking version of Shadowplay by Joy Division. Happy days indeed!
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    What Song Gives You The Summer Vibe

    Is the correct answer
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    Injuries whilst celebrating a goal!

    Pretty sure The Paper Boy said he damaged his knee while sliding after scoring the winner in Champions League final and it contributed to the end of his career.
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    What’s your favourite flavour?

    Just been making myself some scrambled eggs and gave them a right good splash of Tabasco sauce - I love that stuff! I think above all other foods or drinks it’s my absolute favourite flavour to the point where I’ll even drink it from the bottle (probably contributes to my having an ulcer in...
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    I had Adie Mike in my sticker book

    He actually switched from City to West Ham (when they won the FA Cup) then to the rags. No backbone in the lad.
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    Miles Platting hero Jakub Szymanski

    Absolutely tragic! RIP Blue
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    Players who have left us under a cloud or on bad terms?

    Peter is the reason I’m a Blue. As a kid I looked like him, played same position, I liked the colour of the City shirt… It was that simple really :)
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    Players who have left us under a cloud or on bad terms?

    He wouldn’t have got out of the rain though in Manchester. Sorry.
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    I had Adie Mike in my sticker book

    This is the one I had.
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    City’s New Kits - 2022/23

    It was a seller on DH Gate called Euoka - used before and no problems but this one is going back.
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    City’s New Kits - 2022/23

    Ok so this is a bit embarrassing but I do have a good excuse - I am actually very colour blind. The girlfriend noticed me taking photos of it and said “That’s appalling! No wonder you’re sending it back!” Cue me pulling all kinds of confused faces until she explained that, well, basically my...
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    City’s New Kits - 2022/23

    Yeah no worries, I’ll do that when I get home from work tonight.
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    City’s New Kits - 2022/23

    Got mine from DH Gate yesterday; took about a month to arrive. I went a size up t XL and it’s about the same size as a standard L over here. Really good quality and just can’t argue with the price. I’ll be getting the new Ederson ones from there next. There’s actually some really good stuff...
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