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    Favourite YouTube channels?

    I barely ever nowadays watch TV because of I was just wondering BMooners, barring Citys brilliant official channel, what are some your favourite uploaders on there? Here's a select few of mine: FullTimeDevils - Just to laugh at them basically...last year provided some truly hilarious...
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    Pepe Reina?

    Not sure about his current contract situation with Liverpool at the moment, but he's declared he won't be returning with the less experienced Mingolet preferred. Been consistently one of the best GK's in the Prem over the past 6 years or so. Should this be an option we should be exploring...
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    UCAS issue

    Hey I'm a bit at my wits end at the moment. I'm currently a second year college student and I've applied to 5 Universities using up all my options in the process. Had a change of heart recently and I want to stay in Manchester as I've found a course which is ideal for me at MMU (History/English...
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    Double donations

    Just thought I'd post this on here. Great cause, too many unfortunate people are affected by the big C and all donations will be doubled by an anonymous supporter of the charity. I'm a student strapped for cash, but spared a tenner. Spread a bit of Christmas cheer! <a class="postlink"...
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    Are my tickets legit?

    I recently purchased a couple of Fatboy Slim tickets from a company called 'TicketArena' supplied by Event Genius for RRP. I'm just a bit concerned now that I've been a bit rash and purchased fake tickets. I've contacted both the WHP and the company I bought from asking them to provide...
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    Cheapest way to get to Cardiff?

    Planning on visiting a mate who's currently studying at Cardiff Uni (Planning to go on 29th to 31st) just wondered if anyone knew the cheapest method of getting there? Best price I've found for a return is on trainline for £26 return which isn't too bad I suppose. Thought I'd just inquire on...
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    Parklife Weekender question

    I'm sure there's bound to be a few bluemooners off to this years Parklife festival on Saturday and Sunday at Platt Fields park. Never been before and am hoping to catch a handful of acts, but there doesn't seem to be a time schedule I can find anywhere on their official website or Facebook page...
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    Citizen Card

    I'm turning 18 at the end of this month and obviously I would like to enjoy all of the benefits that come along with this i.e. Being allowed into bars etc. Came across this alternative from getting a Provisional License (£50 is a bit steep on my budget and I have no plans on driving any time...
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    Do I have a case?

    Not expecting a sympathetic response here but here it goes: At the start of the season I purchased a platinum seasoncard(Young Persons I'm 17). After a few months I lost my original card so I went to the ticket office next to the City Store and considering it was my first time losing it they...
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    TA9 - Straight Outta Salford Rap

    Not seen this posted on here before...! The "Boy Girl Boy Girl I prefer this seating I feel like a pimp" line had me in stiches. Although the content of the video is to put it bluntly 'shite', credits where credits due it...
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    fake ID

    Basically just wondered whether I should bother buying one of these? I'm 18 in February but loads on my mates are having their eighteeniths in town soon and I don't particularlly fancy being stuck at home and missing out. I've heard they're pretty strict about letting people in bars (ID scanning...
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    Champions League ticket for tonight

    Hi I've got a question reguarding tonights Champions League game and was hoping someone on here could help me out. Ok basically I've lost my seasoncard and am a bit worried I'll find it a bit difficult tonight to gain access into the stadium. I know there is an option where you can buy another...
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    useful andriod apps

    Just purchased a Orange San Francisco smartphone from Ebay officially lauching myself into the 21st century. The possibilities seem almost endless with the kind of things you can do with these devices and I've heard after doing a bit of research that there is almost 200,000 apps currently on the...
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    best lager deals?

    With it being festival season and all that I'm currently on the lookout for some good deals on. Only really looking for a pack of 24 cans (preferably lager with a percentage more than 5%) as I've already built up a bit of a stash which will do me over a 3 day weekend. If anyone on here be...
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    got a job interview

    Hi, basically I've after months and months of applying I've finally been offered a job interview for a retail store near me. This of course is great news but with it being retail I'm worried they'll want me to work on saturdays and I can't due to that I go and watch my football team on...
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    FA Cup with Budweiser...?

    Sorry if already posted, what is football coming to?? <a class="postlink" href="" onclick=";return false;"> ... ad-sponsor</a>
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    quick question reguarding tickets on mon

    Am I right in saying all of these have now sold out?? Was just wondering to save a wasted trip up to the Citystore later, cheers.
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    Dead Island Trailer

    This game looks fantastic. Visually at least, not really looked into it that much but it looks stunning all the same. For all you zombie fanatics out there!!
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    Damon Gough Meltdown.

    <a class="postlink" href="" onclick=";return false;"></a> Would exactly call it a meltdown, however he does seem a bit agitated by certain indiviuals in the crowd so he resorts to...
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    Undated 20 pence piece

    As you all probably know these coins were worth quite a considerable ammount a few years ago and I now collecting my change at the ASDA in Hulme I now currently have one in my pocession. Now after looking online there seems to be a website offering £100 for them and the going rate on ebay at...
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