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    Athletics 2022

    Well, seeing as the last “Athletics” thread I could find was last posted on in 2012, maybe a fresh one for this season is worth a dabble. Though it will be quite short lived if there’s no one else on here who loves the sport. Also, gonna be a bumper summer with 3 big events; Commonwealths...
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    Andrew Barker 808 State RIP

    Announced in last hour. Absolutely gutted. So many memories. RIP and condolences to his family
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    Blocked words

    Couldn’t see this covered in the FAQ, probably cos it’s, er, not often asked, but is there an ability on the forum to block certain words, eg so they appear as asterisks? A simple *** or ** answer will suffice ;-) Thanks
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    Bluedot Festival

    Just a heads-up for anyone interested, in the absence of this year’s event, there’s a series of online events being streamed this weekend, for free, with a donate option. Really enjoyed Hot Chip and Jon Hopkins last year amongst others, and there are some decent sets lined up for broadcast from...
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    Actor with the greatest range

    Just had a look at previous threads on actors. and didn’t fancy adding to worst Corrie actor etc. So this isnt who is your favourite or best actor, but who has/had the greatest range, which for me is a great measure of talent. We all have favourites, but some of them basically played...
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    Members, guests and robots

    Just happened to have a glance at who was online this morning and was surprised by the relative proportions of the these groups; something like double the number of guests online as members, and 127 robots online as well. Never realised how small a proportion of the total number online at any...
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    Last minute gift ideas for the other half

    The usual, “if there’s already a thread for this please merge” etc, but what are you getting her/him I’m struggling for ideas. A Wine tasting session & some park run clobber on the list so far.
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    Giro 102

    Good to get into this yesterday. Roglic looks unbeatable, not just on the fact he won the first stage prologue yesterday, but because of his exemplary form since the start of the year. Tom Dumoulin had been playing down his form but still had a decent finish. It was good to see a short time...
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    Tour de Yorkshire

    Routes announced today for May next year Probably v little interest on here, but IIRC we've had a few cycling threads from time to time. Newly expanded to 4 days, with Cavendish today saying he hopes to ride it as part of his TdF preparations. Reckon...
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    Everton home

    Just checked on the website; doesn't say Sold Out yet, but no ability to book, so I'm guessing it is. Looking for a spare please, if one available - citycard holder, didn't think I could make the game but now can. Can meet outside the stadium on the day, PM if can help, cheers
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    Checking your browser before accessing bluemoon...

    Fine on the laptop, but on the iphone have just started getting the above message, with "This process is automatic. Your browser will re-direct to your requested content shortly...please allow up to 5 seconds..." - except it just stays on that screen Odd, as I've been using the same...
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    Prime Suspect 5

    Anyone else watching this on itv3 now? Its certainly dated a bit, esp the the panoramic shots of the city, and seeing all those young looking familiar tv faces, but the film is gripping - and seeing Steven Mackintosh as the villain still gives me shivers after all this time. Absolutely brilliant
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    Tour de Yorkshire

    Anyone planning on going to watch any of it this weekend? Be interesting how the crowds compare - smaller that when we had the TdF but bigger than the Tour of Britain is a fair guess. Having it over a weekend rather than a working week in September will certainly help. Weather doesn't look...
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    Talksport Mon morning - calling St Helens Blue

    One of the best memories of 2012, apart from the match itself, was hearing a certain bluemoon member calling up to tell Ronnie Irani (aka #RIIAC) in no uncertain terms to 'take it'. Dunno who is on in the morning, but I'm sure Brazil would like a bell.
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    It's a happier place this time

    So said legendary kitman Les Chapman speaking to Ian Cheeseman after the final whistle today, when asked about comparisons to 2012. Not a dig at Mancini surely?
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    Training / running

    Anyone else training for a running event at the moment? I'm entered for the Chester half marathon in May & have got up to 10 mile runs, but I can't see the point of running much further preparing for race distance. I know there is a school of thought that for halves you should train at over...
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    Now TV sky sports day pass

    Has anyone had experience of using this service, good or bad? Is it a decent stream, easy to pay for/ log on to? Just looking into it; £9.99 for 24 hrs; I wouldn't normally bother but thinking of a plan B for the Capital One final which is only on sky sports - which I don't have. Their forum...
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    Believing it's own hype by the look of it #eventtv etc. Not impressed so far, maybe it'll improve. The fella should stick to hobbits
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    Automatic log in log out settings?

    I know the FAQ explains if I click login automatically then I won't be automatically logged out after a period of inactivity, but is there any way I can alter my settings to give me a longer time logged in without doing this? I appreciate why it's done, for security reasons, but sometimes it...
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    Bluemoon family

    Couldn't find a thread on this, but there's probably one. Anyone else on here got relatives also using the forum? I've got an uncle lurking on here somewhere, and I can think of a few posters who sound like they're related, but how many are? In fact maybe there are some entire families...
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