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    China bans footballers from having tattoo’s!!

    I thought this was a joke when I started to read it! China have prohibited players having tattoo’s, long hair or bleached hair. The world is going backwards
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    Question of Sport RIP

    What has happened? Utter shite. Where’s tuffers? I know things need to move on but this is unrecognisable (and crap)
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    Man City Superhero Screensaver

    I drew this if anyone wants it as a screensaver. I've nearly finished a Dr Who one as well which I'll post later
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    Inverted wingers

    This is driving me mad! I see no benefit at all to this obsession of playing your winger on the opposite side to their natural foot so they can cut in and shoot. Mahrez and raheem might cut inside and score 2/3 a season each doing it but it’s costing us 20/30 goals a season in cutbacks and tap...
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    David Attenborough: A Life on Our World Documentary

    Just watched this on Netflix. The man is amazing and does so much to educate people on the world's state and how we can change it. I suggest if you can make time, watch it. Our grandkids and future generations are totally fucked if we don't make changes quickly. In fact there wont be future...
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    City tattoo design offer (£235 made for NHS so far)

    Hi folks. In my spare time I design tattoos for people all over the world - mainly USA and Canada. Design requests are down 90% for obvious reasons so I have plenty of time on my hands. I'm in a privileged position that I don't really do it for the money, I just like the fact that people have my...
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    Talksport now (continued)

    Lol. Just heard rag fan will Mellor interviewed. Despite seeming to be an ok bloke, he did just make me laugh Will Mellor - we don't want to do what city do and just buy all the best foreigners in the world. That's disrespectful to united tradition. We need to bring the youth through Max Rushton...
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