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    La Vuelta a Espana 2015

    A bit late starting a thread this year, but not to worry. Typically wacky Vuelta start with a TTT on the beach! BMC win it, where as Sky appear to stop along the way to make sandcastles and have ice cream. Day 2 sees naughty Nibs get kicked off the race for putting his paws on a passing car for...
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    Le Tour De France 2015

    The annual thread is back! No easing into your viewing this year folks. The old ploy of 'I'll tune in when the mountain's start' could see you miss the key action! Big opportunities for GC shaping over the first four stages, with cobbles, crosswinds and classics bergs in the mix. They better...
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    La Vuelta a Espana 2014

    Starts one week today. A stacked line up including 7 Grand Tour winners, arguably five of the current top six stage racers in the world, plenty of riders looking to salvage their season, a number of rapidly emerging under 25's, and the four dominant classics protagonists of recent years, means...
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    The Bluemoon Summer Mixtape

    ...Curtains are pulled wide and the morning sunshine bursts in through your window, casting a warming beam of light all over your dusty collection of CD’s and vinyl – summer is here! Time to reach for a C90 and lovingly craft the collection of tunes that are going to soundtrack your afternoon’s...
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    World Snooker Championship

    Quarter-finals start today. O'Sullivan v Murphy Hawkins v Dale Selby v McManus Trump v Robertson. Who do you think is going to win it?
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    La Vuelta Espana 2013

    The Spanish climbathon is upon us! If it's even half as spectacular as last year then we're in for a real treat. Hopefully Euskatel can go out in a blaze of orange glory and a podium spot for Samu. Got my eye on Betacur too as the one who could ignite the race, and a bit of repemption for Pinot...
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    Tour De France 2013

    Well It's almost upon us so we may as well get the thread started. Here's Contador's take on the race (from yesterday's independent)
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    City Do Top Of The Pops

    Khal Doonican Varadirama David White Stripes you get the idea, on we go....
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    Midlands Music Scene

    Birmingham and its surrounding region seems to be churning out loads of new exciting bands at the moment. Peace are probably the most prominent but there's plenty of others following in their wake. Any blues in or from the area able to offer an insight as to why it's suddenly becoming so...
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    Solution Evolution

    After being disturbed at 4am by an over enthusiastic songbird getting his chirp on I got to thinking, why can’t the winged warblers make these disturbances worth our while? Surely it’s not beyond their capabilities to put some effort in and learn a decent tune or two? I’d certainly chuck a...
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    The Strokes

    The new album is streaming on Pitchfork, for those of you who may wish to hear it.
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    The Pro Road Cycling Thread

    The centenary Tour De France route has been announced this morning, reasonably balanced but perhaps not as hard as some were expecting. Three shorter time trials – one team, one with climbs and one conventional. Mt. Ventoux (MTF) , Col de Peyresourde, Col De la Madeleine all in there along...
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    Citys Top Cat

    I am of course talking about the gormless lanky lads with big flappy hands whose inability to kick a ball as well as the rest of us, led them on the path that would ultimately see them live a life of existing in a box while dressed like a frog. – goalkeepers to you and I With Joe’s near...
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    La Vuelta a Espana 2012

    Starts this evening with the team time trial. It's a shame Schleck and Sammi Sanchez haven't made it but even so the field looks strong, and with so many uphill finishes it could be a real thriller.
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    Pins (band)

    We often get people on here bemoaning the lack of musical talent in Manchester now, but this band are generating a lot of buzz on the blogs at the moment. Has anyone seen them live? Thoughts on the single?
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    In February I wrote a (rather fantastic) review of the debut album by a talented (not as much as me), aspiring, young band (not Bob’s). In said review I described the LP as ‘Pop Perfect’ (Good that isn't it). Imagine my surprise when I read a write up this week by a much larger internet site who...
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    The Regular Show

    YEAAAAH! Any bluemooners with kids (or those who are like me and have just never grown up) watch this? Best cartoon I've seen in ages. hmm hmm.
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    One Bluemoon Under A Groove

    Hands in the air mooners, who likes a bit of a dance? What song is guranteed to awaken your inner groove machine? Are you breaking on the kitchen lino come saturday night? Shuffling to The Smiths round the house or do you prefer to pogo with a pint on the patio? Or does the mere mention of...
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    Futbol Mundial -Training

    Caught a bit of this week's show and they were doing a feature on the UEFA Pro Licence Course and its importance. As they were giving the introduction voice-over they cut to a shot of a room full of coaches listening to a talk and taking notes. The flip chart that they were studying all...
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    Music - The Year So Far

    Half way through the year now, let's have your thoughts on the best and worst bits in music. Album Of The Year: Rolling Blackouts - The Go! Team Single/Track Of The Year: Civillian - Wye Oak Biggest Letdown: L.A.S.E.R.S - Lupe Fiasco Biggest Bonus: Daydreams and Nightmares - Those Dancing...
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