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    Champions League and 3rd kit

    The kit is pure fucking wank we look like a load of wallies wearing it...another reason why I can't wait till Nike finally do one.
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    City Vs AFC Bournemouth Pre match Thread

    Bravo Sagna Otamendi Stones Clichy Fernando Sané De Bruyne Gundogan Nolito Iheanacho
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    Aleksandar Kolarov - 2016/17 performances

    The transformation of Kolarov & Sterling has been staggering this this bizarro world we're in now? Long may it continue.
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    Pep: 'The players deserve a full stadium, we need our fans!'

    Peps right, the players have been giving everything this season it's only right we show our full support for CL games. I'm willing to put aside the UEFA nonsense they've inflicted on this club as we're apart of the elite now & need to act as so. Bearing in mind last night's showing was an...
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    Ric: Daily Mail interview

    A club full of pantomime villains. From top to bottom. Tossers.
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    Ric: Daily Mail interview

    Kompany? Most disliked player...? VK is a model-pro and genuinely comes across as a nice guy. And to openly wish injury on him too...I believe this absolute "weapon" is the kind of fan Ric was referring to.
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    Aguero banned for three games (updated)

    Total travesty he's getting a ban for this. Marriner "didn't see it" yeah and my real name is Cecil Artichoke & I live in a wooden shack just on the periphery of Pembrokeshire. FA wankers.
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    Marc-Andre ter Stegen

    Does appear he'll be on his way out. If I had my own way I'd prefer either Oblak, Lloris or Handanovic over a guy that's played 7 league games in La Liga. Not ideal though at this late stage of the season...hoping City & Everton are in advanced talks already to negotiate a deal. Seems like they...
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    United 2016/17

    I've read numerous articles "supposedly" Yaya tried to convince him to come to City...? Sounds like a complete non-story.
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    City Women - Champions and Continental Cup Winners 2016.

    They're doing well only caught odd highlights but will have to go and watch them at some point. On a sidenote why haven't the womens team signed up Kim Little whos on loan from Melbourne City? Look at her goalscoring record it's insane...
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    New official City website

    It's the biggest load of bollocks of a website going. Change for the sake of change...the layout is all over the place, the twitter feed is random at times (shows tweets of non-City related stuff), the colour scheme is like 75% plain white (I thought we played in sky blue last time I checked)...
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    EU referendum

    Can sense after events of last weeks tragic event the campaign & their scare tactics will just about edge it. Pretty disgusting if you ask me using this MP's death to fuel their agenda. I've seen a handful of people on Twitter put the blame Farage for the actions of one mentally unstable...
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    A Moon Shaped Pool ..Radioheads new album

    Don't think it's worthy of the adulation it's currently getting. Isn't it like a 9.5 on Metacritic at the moment?? Not even close IMO but still a massive improvement on King of Limbs. Seeing them in Lisbon beginning of July for the 1st time can't wait!
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    The Stone Roses/Ian Brown

    Did bar work at their Heaton Park gig Ians voice was shit then dunno what it's like now. Makes me laugh all reds on FB & Twitter coming out with original disses "1st time Etihad has been full...!!!" etc etc. Fucking chumps City must be absolutely raking it in haha
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    John Stones

    ........yet to be convinced sure he'll be fairly decent but bound to full of errors alla Mangala. Wish we'd just cut out the crap and buy a proven, ready made CB. Bonucci, Alderweireld, Godin someone like that. We're already prepared to pay a premium so see little sense in paying for potential...
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    If not Hodgson, who?

    It'll be ratboy Neville won't it. The English media are desperate for him to succeed at managerial level so I'd imagine he'll...don't like the idea of foreigners taking charge of England position but I'd have Arsene Wenger in there for a couple of years - Eddie Howe to take over after that as...
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    Eva Carneiro(ex Chelsea Doctor)

    Why not!? Chelsea had an exceptional injury free record in 2015 season can hardly recall any of their players picking up a major injury. Gotta be better than the current set of chumps we've currently got on the payroll.
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    Ron-Robert Zieler

    £3.5mill? Much better than W.Caballero, get him in! About time City made smart signings like this...say he can play in the cup competitions.
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    Danny Rose

    I'd take him here without a doubt. He's been the best LB in the Prem for me this year, when he played against us I thought he was outstanding. Read somewhere he has a £10million buy-out clause...if so SIGN HIM UP.
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    N'Golo Kante

    Hence the quotation marks!! To be fair he might be a useless twat but he could potentially do a job as a squad player deployed on the LW whipping balls into Vardy.
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