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    New Career

    Basicially I'm stuck in a dead end job at the moment and I need some advice. I left school at 18 and started working in a call centre for money. I'm now 21 and I still work in the same place. It's OK money, but I don't want to work in a call centre my whole career, it's depressing. But I...
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    World Cup Thread - Thursday 19th June

    5pm: Colombia vs Ivory Coast 8pm: Uruguay vs England 11pm: Japan vs Greece Colombia looked a very good team and I can see them squeezing past Ivory Coast. They would be real contenders if Falcao was fit IMO - can see them winning the group regardless. England should beat a rather poor...
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    Paul Hart

    Just read on a Charlton forum that Paul Hart has left and is apparently coming to us. I'd imagine he will be working with the youth system anyway - he was head of youth at Charlton. One of the best in the country involved with youth football IMO.
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    If you had £1,000,000 - what would you do with it?

    If you somehow got £1,000,000 tomorrow, what would you do with it? It doesn't matter how you got it, you might have won it, you might have inheritited it, that part is irrelevant. What would you do if you got such a big sum of money? I think I would be straight out of Britain and buy a...
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    Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain

    Everyone always talk about our need for a quick winger, we're forever being linked with the likes of Hazard, di Maria, Robben. Why are we never linked with Oxlade-Chamberlain? He's the next big thing in English football. He's 18 and will start for England tonight against France. He's quick...
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    Getting Tickets For The First Time.

    I'm looking to go to a game or two this season, but I've never been before. I'm hoping to get a season ticket nexts season actually, but I'd like to go to a game this season. I live in Scotland btw. What do you think the chances would be of me getting a couple of tickets? It seems quite slim...
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    Our Squad for the 2012/13 season.

    It might be a bit early, but it'll be fun. Realistically, who would you like to be our squad for the start of the 2012/12 season? Mine is: Goalkeepers: Hart Panti Taylor Defenders: Richards Zabaleta Kompany Lucio Lescott Savic Boyata Rekik Clichy Kolorov Midfielders: De Jong Toure De Rossi...
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    Adam Johnson's progress.

    Has Mancini made Adam Johnson worse over the last year? This isn't a dig at Bobby but, around this time last year, he said Johnson would'nt get much gametime as he wants to make him better all-round and more aware defensively. That all sounds good, but I don't think Johnson has got any better...
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    Paul Merson

    He called us "absolutely phenomenal" in his column today. His only criticism of us last season was that we relied too heavily on Tevez and that we were too defensive in some games. Both points I think were 100% true last season. This season, he's said nothing but good words about us and...
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