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    Spotify devices

    Any one know of any devices that you can put the Spotify app on which doesn’t have a camera. In my place of work cameras are not allowed and everything I can think of which the app can be installed to has a camera, phones tablets etc.
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    Another Blue gone too soon.

    Absolutely gutted at the moment a very close friend Eric Greenway and member of our Barrow & District supporters club passed away last night at the age of 48 after suffering a heart attack on Monday, just one day after he was in Manchester at a Northern Soul do celebrating his birthday. Sadly...
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    Broadband deals / providers

    Please merge if post is covered elsewhere, but just shopping round for a new broadband provider. Anyone tried plusnet ?? If so any problems with them or issues ??
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    City 3rd Strip

    When is this meant to be released, just spoke with a friend who has just purchased it from a sports direct store in our town but no sign of it on the City website.
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    online city matchday programme

    Is anyone else's no longer available to download to the City Editions app ??
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    Everest / Kathmandu Earthquake

    My brother who is a season ticket holder at City reached Everest Basecamp last November to fulfill his lifetime ambition, on this amazing trek he talks very fondly of all the sherpa's and guides that help hundreds reach there dreams. Sadly as you will all be aware this area has just suffered...
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    Everest Base Camp.

    My Brother who is a Season Ticket Holder along with myself and our son's in the Family stand has just completed his lifelong ambition to trek to Everest Base Camp, he has walked 90miles in 8 days and climbed 18000ft to achieve this. Just wanted to show this on our forum for all to see.
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    bluemoon android app

    Is there a app out for this forum, thinking of changing from iphone to samsung galaxy s5.
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    Photoshop Wizards

    Really need a picture doing of the Gerrard slip but with a broken/splatterred cake in front of him and maybe with a party hat on his head. Just to shut a few scousers up.
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    FA Cup Scheme

    Cant remember but was there a maximum price set by the club for anyone joining the cup scheme upto the semi finals for home tickets.
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    Online matchday programme

    Anyone know how you get this im a seasonticket holder and was told that all season ticket holders can now get it free.
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    Scored for Spain tonight.
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    My nephews new song.

    On the way home to barrow and my nephew who is 12 years old has just come up with this one to the tune of walking in winter wonderland. Oh David moyes are you listening Keep that trophy glistening Cause will be back next may to take it away Walking in a city wonderland. What u guys think
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    What is the difference

    Just watched the swansea arsenal game, when Gibbs scores he is booked for over celebrating and leaving the perimeter of the pitch, how come the 4 players that join him are not booked as well ??????. Another stupid rule like the removal of shirts for celebrating goals.
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    Now It's Our Time To Stick It Up Our Haters.

    Let's get right behind Mancini and the boys tomorrow from the off and show that we are here to stay and will not be ground down by the Rag media that we suffer in this country.
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    Anyone used Viagogo?

    Quick question, my brother shares a season ticket but he requires a ticket for the swansea game as its not his turn to go. Would he be able to buy a extra ticket through viagogo???
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    Premier Inn Piccadilly

    Anyone been to the Premier Inn across from Piccadilly Gardens, if so is it any good.
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    Let The Buying Begin!

    <a class="postlink" href="" onclick=";return false;"> ... rPath=home</a>
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    Manchester City centre restaurants

    Im staying over in manchester tomorrow, what are the good restaurants around the city centre.
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    Kompany is it a 1game ban or 3.

    Kompany is it a 1game ban or 3.
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