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    pcr testing centres shutting

    just heard on the news they are shutting pcr testing centres,i thought they had meant just no lateral flow tests but continue with pcr for people with symptoms.on the up side does this mean more parking spots in the blue car park
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    Players lying down behind the wall on free kicks

    is it a waste of a defensive player.i have only ever seen a couple of goals go under the wall so surely it would make more sense to have him mark someone
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    mobile phone charges abroad after brexit

    if as we hope holidays abroad become a thing again whats the score with data charges etc after brexit are we where we were before it got sorted by the european union.or have they all agreed a deal,we had a holiday with the grandkids booked last year that got moved to july this if it goes...
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    Football on Amazon Prime

    does anyone else have shit picture quality with footy on a smart tv.i have an ethernet cable to the router but the pictures shit.anything else i watch on prime is spot on just the footy.i then tried via wifi on my laptop and its spot on.anyone any ideas im a luddite with tech by the way so...
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    Has the art of defending been stopped by PGMOL?

    the way forwards are throwing themselves to the floor and the ridiculous handball rule how are defenders expected to our day it had to be a significant foul to get a pen but these days you dare not tackle in the box so the only other option is to get a block in but if it hits your hand...
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    air bridges

    I was under the impression they were to be reviewed today but havnt heard anything.anyone any idea when they will announce any news
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    pause sky sports

    ive just paused sky sports for free until the action starts point paying until its back on with hard times ahead
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    Shouty stupid bosses.

    with all the shite going on with priti patel and her staff kicking off got me thinking about some of my old bosses. I always found the bullying shouty gobshites ended up with teams with shit morale and nobody going out of their way to help them which ultimately cost them there jobs when the big...
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    blue carpark change from 1st jan

    I was informed yesterday that the carpark will be card payment only from 1st jan so make sure you take your cards
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    Cricket/South Africa test series

    not a bad start although I don't think we have bowled that well
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    Dinamo Zagreb (a) post-match thread

    great performance hattrick for gabby Garcia and foden excellent
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    Zinchenko out for 4 or 5 weeks with knee injury

    Just read on os he’s suffered a knee injury that will be assessed to see how bad it is ffs. When will we catch a break with these injury’s that Maine rd gypsy curse is alive and well
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    Away goals rule in European competitions

    im sure I read on here it had been scrapped but watching wolves before the commentator mentioned they had 2 away was it just being talked about or has it gone
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    Wolves post match thread

    some great football in the first half wont talk about the pens
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    manchester airport pick up parking

    picked my daughter up at terminal1 today and paid on the way out as it stated £4,50 for 30 mins as it told me when I put my token in,gets in the car only to be stuck in a blue carpark style melee get to the barrier puts my token in and the barrier dosnt go up so I look at the machine and it...
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    has anyone used these shysters before.i bought the missus and a mate 2 tickets for olly murs at crimbo costing me £150 they turned up tonight to be told they had been voided and they couldn't get in.obviousley they are mega pissed off.i rang them and was told as long as ive got proof (which they...
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    europa league semi 2nd legs

    I fancy chavs to be comfortable but arse could be on the end of a comeback
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    its quiet

    very quiet looks like pep was telling the truth
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    buying christnas presents for the wife

    as it gets nearer to the fatman with a beard coming I was thinking what do I buy the wife.i havnt got a Scooby this year.any one got any ideas and I don't mean divorce I wasn't planning on spending that much.
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    city players on international duty

    any one know who has been called up this time
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