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    The Title Race | How many points to win the league? (93)

    I think we'll hit 90 - 95 points. Chelsea are out of it IMO. Liverpool will lose ground in January IMO, they have Chelsea away then 2/3 of their best players are away at the ACON.
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    How does officiating improve?

    The best league should have the best referees. Employ the best referees from all around Europe and watch the standard improve dramatically.
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    Coronavirus (2021) thread

    What’s the way out of this? Over 90% of the country is double or triple jabbed and we are looking at a full lockdown after Christmas. How many more lockdowns is it going to take? How many more jabs? Compliance at this stage, nearly two years in, needs a very clear exit path. What is it...
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    Cristiano Ronaldo

    Could Ronaldo be the missing link in the Champions League?
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    It's Quiet Thread 15 - Txiki Blinders

    Not sure what Spurs get out of this. They’re finishing mid table, with or without Kane. £150 million would have given them an opportunity to rebuild, now they just have a player who clearly doesn’t want to be there. They’d be lucky to get half that fee next summer, especially with the Haaland...
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    Cristiano Ronaldo

    Ronaldo for a year then Haaland next summer is certainly an interesting proposition.
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    Spurs (A) | Post-Match Thread

    Not the biggest surprise when you look at the players we had out. Nonetheless, Mendy and Ake starting is a worry. They’re not good enough.
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    Harry Kane

    Looked slow and unfit last night. Again.
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    Match Thread | PSG vs Man City (28/04/21)

    The way we’ve dominated the ball tonight has been phenomenal. PSG have just sat behind the ball with a lightening quick striker up front. Different world to what we’ve been doing.
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    Match Thread | PSG vs Man City (28/04/21)

    PSG’s heads gone. Go for the third.
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    The Super League | FA + PL: New Charter & Fines | UEFA: Settlement

    Could the EPL players strike? What do they gain from the ESL? They clearly weren’t consulted. They won’t make more money than they do currently. The fans will turn against them. Their owners will become richer.
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    The Super League | FA + PL: New Charter & Fines | UEFA: Settlement

    We’re the only English side you would guarantee to get into the Champions League next season. We don’t need the assurances of a closed shop league like the other English sides. I don’t think the invite only, glorified pre-season tournament is the money maker long term that the clubs think it...
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    The Super League | FA + PL: New Charter & Fines | UEFA: Settlement

    It’s a race to pull out now. The whole thing is a complete disaster and has been shown up for what it really is. A bunch of fallen giants desperately trying to secure income. The Champion's League money isn’t secure enough for the bang average teams. Arsenal. European Super League. Ludicrous.
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    The Super League | FA + PL: New Charter & Fines | UEFA: Settlement

    Well, Pep isn’t sticking around for the glorified pre-season tournament. The concept of a super league isn’t the worst idea. Being invite only is complete and utter nonsense.
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    Match Thread | Man City vs B. Dortmund (06/04/21)

    Ridiculous composure from both of them.
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    Match Thread | Man City vs B. Dortmund (06/04/21)

    Haaland was always going to have a moment of magic.
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    Crystal Palace (h) post-match thread

    Pole position now. Defence wins championships and Dias & Stones are the best in the country.
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    Premier league games 19/20/21 September

    Villa having the makings of a good team there, some players who wouldn’t look out of place in a top 10 side. I think Sheffield United might struggle with that front two, there’s far better strikers in the Championship.
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    2020/21 Predictions

    Still think we’re short of a top right centre back, left back and striker (with Aguero’s injury record & age). Centre midfield pairing of Gundogan and Rodri worries me. Unless we correct those issues, I don’t see us winning the league at all. At the moment, I would say in the race for top four.
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    #17 | Kevin De Bruyne - 2019/20 Performances

    Arguably the best player in the world at the moment.
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