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    The Boys Season 3

    Just watched the first episode of the new series, great as ever but bat shit crazy!!
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    Threads with pics of women

    Is it just because I am a red blooded male (all be it FOC), but do you automatically gravitate towards threads with pics of women in them?
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    Car breakdown services

    Can anyone recommend a car breakdown/recovery service such as AA or Greenflag
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    US B2 visa

    Hi guys just after some info/advise about applying for a B2 visa to stay in the US for an extended period. Anyone been through this? Or can recommend a company that can help prepare our visa application, thanks in advance
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    House lotteries

    just seen the new house up for lottery win on the tv ad, looks like a bleeding stately home, would imagine these are legit, but if you won it would cost a fortune to heat and council tax. Do they offer money instead of the house?, Any one of you know any one who has won ?
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    Back, sack & crack

    Any of you guys (or girls!) every had this done or attempted DIY? I am not particularly hairy so no need for the back bit and my arse is sacred. My girlfriend (now wife) talked me in to shaving my pubes once on the basis it makes your cock look bigger!, I thought bleeding hell how big does she...
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    Escape to Victory

    Just watching this again this morning on TCM...great to see Buzzer there with Pele, Bobby Moore and who can forget Sly in goal
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    Car insurance claim

    Looking for some advise, quite recently I had my car stolen and was found burnt out. Now straight away my insurance company Hastings Direct have passed over my claim to some detective agency based in Essex. They have sent me a text with a link to a long questionnaire about the theft and I need...
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    Premier league without Liverpool and United

    Now that ‘Project Big f**k you’ has been scrapped, if the two red bastards throw their toys out and said “ we are off to set up a European league“. Would the premier league survive and still be popular with armchair fans around the world ?. What financial impact would it have ? How would Sky...
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    A second chance

    No doubt most of us at some time have said “if only I could be young again and know what I know now”. So let’s say you were given the chance to be 18 again and you could do just one thing differently, what would it be?. I guess most of you would do something around making more money, but it...
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    Eddie Howe leaves Bournemouth

    Headline on BBC sport
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    16 year old goalkeeper struck by lightening

    Sorry guys tried to post video but failed miserably, just see a video on CNN website of a young goalie being struck by lightning
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    Cost of living

    I am no economist or financial expert and with most countries economies being hit hard during this lockdown, how do you see the costs of items in the shops going? up or down? Also, anyone selling a house for example once we do come out of lockdown will they be able to sell and/or have to lower...
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    The next 007

    With Daniel Craig hanging his Walther PPK up after the latest Bond film ( once we get to watch it), who would you like to play Bond next?, Idris Elba? Henry Cavill ? I always thought Charles Hawtrey would of made a good Bond
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    The economy and coronavirus

    I understand people’s lives are more important than money and everything else. But as a discussion point What are your thoughts on the future of ours and other countries economies going forward. Our government like others around the world have ploughed billions/ trillions in to their economies...
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    The price of a toasted tea cake

    I’m toasted tea cake...£3.45, where else but Housing Units !
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    The price of cheese on toast

    Before any one starts I don’t mind paying over the odds sometimes for a bit of a treat, But..I was in Housing Units quite a while ago now and me and Mrs. Cityontheup thought we would treat ourselves in their restaurant. On the menu was 2 slices of cheese on toast for £6.75...£6.75 for cheese on...
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    Urgent advice required

    I have verbally accepted a job but I am waiting for news of another job I have applied for. Can I just withdraw my acceptance of the first role? I have not signed a contract but the recruiter is asking me to confirm acceptance on an email. Can any one advise me on what I can do, thanks in advance
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    The price of gravy!!

    Has anyone else noticed the price of gravy at chippies?, took £2 in to my local chippy thinking I quite fancied chips and gravy for my dinner. £2.75 !!, what the f**k!!..£1,60 for the chips, £1.10 for gravy and 5p for the tray ( cheeky bastards charging for the tray is bad enough) but £1.10 for...
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    Chimney breast/party wall

    I’m sure there is a thread on this already but can’t find it, need some advice, my sisters neighbour has starting work on building a dormer and has told her he will be taking down the shared chimney stack. Is planning permission required for this work? and what are the potential problems for my...
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