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    Record attendance in Los Angeles today

    A lot of people wanting to watch City and Madrid Feel free to merge with post match thread if you feel appropriate, cheers.
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    Gerry Gow - RIP

    Sadly Gerry has passed away. In 50 years watching the blues , one of the greatest players I have seen.
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    Sing loud tonight everyone…...

    Manuel has implored the fans to give it their all tonight and be the 12th man,,,,,,,,,,,,, Come on everyone, lets give it full volume,,,,,,,,,,,
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    The heatwave of 1976

    I guess many of the younger members on here don't remember the summer of 76. We'd beaten Newcastle in the February with goals from Tueart and Barnes plus great performances from Royle, Doyle, Watson etc. From then on the sun just kept on shining and for June and July it was in the 80's for...
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    Bob Wilson ex Arsenal goalkeeper what a gentleman

    His tribute to Bert Trautmann was superb. He showed how much he loved Bert, his all time hero. He spoke superbly about Bert both on tv and radio yesterday.
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    Mike Denness RIP

    A great cricketer in the 70's and the only Scotsman to have captained England. Battled against Lillee and Thommo out in Oz, sad loss at quite a young age.
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    Angel Rangel , Swansea. caring for the homeless this weekend

    apparently went out Friday night giving out food to the homeless what a top bloke and others should follow suit.....
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    A minutes silence at the Fulham match tomorrow

    I think there should be. For 18 year old Season ticket holder Kieran Raiswell who was murdered this week. He should have been there in his usual seat watching his beloved blues and his hero Carlos Tevez. It would be the right thing to do.
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    We should win, and Spurs must win otherwise

    that would be a result for them and we need them to start dropping points
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    City & Utd v Sunderland saw a net loss of 11 pts last year

    Last season United beat Sunderland twice and got 6 points We drew and lost to them and got one point, therefore we lost 5 points thus a net loss of eleven points against that particular opposition. I don't think we had a worse differential between us both and any other team. We should be able...
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    Harry Pilling Lancashire Cricket Club has passed away

    RIP Harry you were a star.......
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    Edin Dzeko (contract update page 370)

    Legend. That is all.
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    Why is Quinn in our Hall of Fame ??

    Never gives us credit ? Biased towards Liverpool What did he do as a player Backed Swales against the fans Yet players like Revie who won us the 56 Cup Final ignored, what a joke.....
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    How does Amortisation of a player work, maybe one for PB?

    I was wondering how this works particularly in relation to Adebayor. Is it vital that we hold out for a reasonable fee or is it more important just to get his wages off the books. How vital is the remaining length of his contract for consideration. How does Amortisation work ???
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    Nicknames that we had for City players, can you name.....

    Who did some fans refer to as - Officer..... Needles..... Chris.... Dissa......
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    National Football Museum opens at Urbis on 6 July

    Should be worth a visit just opposite Victoria Station, Manchester
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    Alan Turing would have been 100 today, a great man

    Good to see recognition in the press this week of the great work he did. A genius who saved millions of lives.....
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    Kompany at £6M the greatest buy of all time - Alan Hansen!!!

    In the Telegraph apparently........
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    Great to see Gerry Gow in City Square tonight

    Got a good reception from the fans and reminisced about the 81 season. A true warrior.
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    Can you keep 4 top strikers happy all the time

    Is it possible to keep Aguerro, Tevez, Balo and Dzeko all happy, especially when a couple of them will be bench warming . Look at what happened in Munich with both Edin and Carlos having a rant. It would appear that it's Sergio plus one other from the other 3 and Roberto isn't clear as to who...
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