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    You'll love it. Most places to go have been mentioned. Vysehrad is Deffo worth the metro ride. As Knaresborough said, give him a shout if you need anything, he's sound.
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    Bands you discovered as support acts

    The James Gang supporting The Who at The Free Trade Hall in 1970 (£1 the ticket was), the guitarist was legend to be Joe Walsh who is still brilliant as witnessed last month when I saw him with The Eagles, who I saw supporting Neil Young at the Palace in 1973. Two for the price of one there...
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    "City, City, Nobody Knows Your Name!"

    I was on Prague main railway station (hlavni nadrazi) on Saturday and was talking to a Czech guy from a place called Olomouc. When I said I was from Manchester he said ah City. This happens much more these days in my experience. I can't remember the last time someone said, ah the Scum!
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    Songs featuring saxophones

    The Eagles - The Sad Cafe
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    Marc Cucurella | Chelsea confirm transfer for £63m

    Haha Not the full bottle!
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    Marc Cucurella | Chelsea confirm transfer for £63m

    Thanks mate, in Prague visiting the in-laws. Just had a lovely dinner cooked by the mother in law and I'm working my way through a bottle of Bacardi.
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    Marc Cucurella | Chelsea confirm transfer for £63m

    My birthday today too, I'm just the odd 45 years older than him!
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    Toyah and Roberts Sunday Lunch

    Thank you Sir, I can't help being an old thick fucker!
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    Toyah and Roberts Sunday Lunch

    Sorry dickie, I won't do it again
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    Toyah and Roberts Sunday Lunch

    Oops, sorry not seen it before, but I am an FOC, 69 today in fact, that's my excuse anyway!
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    Toyah and Roberts Sunday Lunch

    Came across this earlier Not sure what to say, but Mr Fripp's a lucky guy I would guess. You can only watch on you tube though, sorry The Court of the Crimson King still a classic though
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    Is Manchester airport the worst in Europe?

    Got the 6 20 Easyjet flight to Prague this morning. No check in to do and only hand luggage. Through security in about 35 minutes and flight more or less on time. So can't complain apart from the fact I think the place is a shit hole.
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    On This Day City Signed:

    Blimey 27 years ago! Took my kids to his presentation to the fans and himgetting his Mercedes haha What a player!
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    Songs featuring phones

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    Media Thread - 2022/23

    Apologies for any confusion, I didn't mean Peter was the correspondent in '63, I was responding to the original post re Peter writing about United, albeit that no date was quoted. I said that Peter wrote about City, United was David Meek. You are correct, Eric was the writer in '63. By the...
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    Media Thread - 2022/23

    Well I'm only 69 so not as old as you by the sound of it The Chron ended in '63 and I'm far more familiar with the Pink, and it was delivered to our local newsagent at about 6pm on a Saturday night for most of the 60's
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    Media Thread - 2022/23

    You sure it was Peter in 'the Green'? The 'Green' was predominantly the summer edition mainly about cricket. The 'Pink' was the football paper and David Meek was the scum reporter, Peter was the City reporter. I stand to be corrected
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    Glastonbury 2022 (Billie Eilish, Paul McCartney, Kendrick Lamar headlining)

    Eagles on Sky Arts for me. They were brilliant last Monday in dipper land.
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