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    Raheem Sterling | Joins Chelsea for £50m

    What a player. One of the main actors in Guardiola's success in taking city to levels maybe never seen again in english club football. He certainly wasn't consistently brilliant over the last two seasons as he was in the seasons prior so a good deal for both city and chelsea. Best of luck to him
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    Raheem Sterling | Joins Chelsea for £50m

    To say Sterling's stats have been uplifted due to playing in such a high quality and successful side is unfair. With the number of appearances he's made over the last 5 years (of which we've won 4 PL titles) and his contributions in those seasons it's fair to say he is a huge part of that system...
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    It's Quiet 16 - Txiki grinders

    I'm all ears
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    3 page options not visible in dark mode on Mobile

    Thought I'd bump this with a better example. These are screenshots taken from the bluemoon app: BM theme with page numbers: BM Dark theme with no page numbers visible: I believe the original screenshot I posted shows that the page numbers are visible in dark mode on PC - this is only...
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    #7 | Raheem Sterling - 2020/21 Performances

    I think I saw Dias giving Sterling a pep talk in the tunnel before the second half
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    #7 | Raheem Sterling - 2020/21 Performances

    Is there any point giving him a new contract to "protect our asset", regardless of the number of years left on his contract no club in the world is paying over 50m for him. He gets the team in some really good positions, last night it seemed like he was involved in our best going forwards...
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    New computer

    on a budget of £500 I would definitely build it instead of buying a ready made one. a £500 quid pc will last years, don't even need to go near £1000. If general use will be office work then I would suggest a large SSD and save money on pretty much every other part. Would be interested to see...
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    #7 | Raheem Sterling - 2020/21 Performances

    Should have the captains armband taken off him to take a bit of pressure off. He gets himself (and the team) in so many good positions that if it starts to click and his passes turn into assists and his shots into goals, we'll win so many games with him in the side. Would like to see him on...
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    3 page options not visible in dark mode on Mobile

    Sorry if raised already. I'm using the BM dark mode on both PC and mobile and Chrome on both. On Chrome mobile I cannot see icons for any page numbers below threads e.g. 19, 20,21: They are visible on PC and mobile when using the BM theme Mobile chrome version: 90.0.4430.82
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    #7 | Raheem Sterling - 2020/21 Performances

    Should be a crime to pay him more than foden, awful form at the moment
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    #47 | Phil Foden - 2020/21 Performances

    Has to start all our important games. Feels like he's been playing less recently and our form has reflected that, might be wrong though.
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    Everton (A) FA Cup QF | Pre-Match Thread

    Just play foden and we win, easy as that
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    Is left back really a problem?

    Yes, RB too
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    Lyon CL QF Post-Match Thread

    start tapping up zidane now
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    Match Thread | Man City vs Lyon (15/08/20)

    imagine that, we look better when de bruyne isn't on the right wing..
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    Lyon CL QF | Pre-Match Thread

    isn't this lineup the same defensive nature that pundits have been criticising Simeone for against Leipzig. It's only Lyon, the team needs more energy than that
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    Kalidou Koulibaly

    and we didnt pay an almost world record fee (for his position) to sign him, didnt he pay some of the fee himself?
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    Kalidou Koulibaly

    will be a club record fee, will take a year to settle in and already 29 years old. given theres no other obvious CB options/targets, perhaps easier to put rodri at CB and buy another #6
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    Kalidou Koulibaly

    his current performance aside, he doesnt seem like a leader on the pitch tonight. our defence desperately needs a leader
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    Who should be our next captain?

    KDB or foden
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