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    NCAA Wrestling is available on ESPN

    So the NCAA wrestling tournament begins at 11:00 East Coast American time on thursday, It's literally right there with European football and baseball as my favorite sports. The only other sport I watch is F1. If you've never seen folkstyle wrestling you're in for a treat, I prefer it over Greco...
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    City beer

    I wasn't sure if this belonged here or the Off Topic board but what beer do you typically associate with City? Like if you were throwing a City watch party you wouldn't stock up on Blue Moon Belgian White would you?
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    I know America isn't perfect but one thing we're right about is Thanksgiving, our best holiday by far. First of all it's always on a Thursday so it always gives us a four day weekend, secondly (and best of all) it doesn't involve presents. It's just an excuse to get together with friends or...
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    Swearing on BM (and England in general)

    I notice a liberal use of the "c" word in the Matchday threads but no use of the granddaddy of them all (the "f" word). They're both frowned on in America but the "c" word is considered much more offensive. Is the "f" word a no-no on here. I ask because I had a comment about Neymar that could...
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    Hank Aaron has passed away

    Baseball lost a legend today in Hank Aaron who is arguably the greatest player ever. In 1974 Hank broke Babe Ruth's record with his 715th home run a record that nobody ever dreamed could be broken. Aaron did this while receiving countless letters threatening his life because he was a Black man...
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    Letterkenny - TV Series

    It's a Canadian comedy and they did one of their openings making fun of British accents. These guys are spot on
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    Anti-mask movement

    How big is the anti-mask movement in England? We have a fairly robust movement here in the US, it's to the point where protesters are attending local county commissioner hearings and screaming about their rights being taken away. There is a local republican group that is urging people not to...
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    Sitting here just after midnight on the east coast in USA and watching City highlights. I've been furloughed and not going back to work for at least two more weeks so I've got time to dedicate to the important stuff (City and drinking). I'm thinking about City legends since the takeover. For me...
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    Tiger King (Netflix)

    New documentary just released today and it's batshit crazy. I can't describe how insane this is because I'm only halfway through the second episode but I've never seen anything like it. Most of it takes place in Oklahoma and Florida so far which are two of our most stupid states. When something...
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    Glauber Berti

    Cool article in The Ahletic about him and his appearance for City. Is it cool to copy and paste an article behind a pay wall?
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    Just got home from seeing Squeeze, they're easily one of the most underrated bands from the 70s and 80s and probably my wife's favorite from back then. They were opening for Hall & Oates but imo put on a much better show. Glenn's voice is as good as it ever was and their band is top notch. I...
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    Thanksgiving is the greatest holiday. A nice meal with family and a four day weekend without the hassle of buying presents. Happy Thanksgiving to all!
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    Need advice of Irish City fans or City fans who are fans of Irish things

    I'm turning 50 next week and I think my surprise party may be in or near th Baltimore/Washington DC market. I'd like to find the best Irish pub in the area that is the most authentic. I hate English/Irish bars that have multiple taps of a few Irish beers and then 30 local beers. Any ideas?
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    How do you post a poll?

    I don't see an option
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    NBC Sports Gold on Xfinity

    Just wanted to let the other Americans on here that Xfinity now offers the NBC Sports Gold app on their platform. It's a little too late since I missed my first league match in years over the weekend since the app wouldn't work on an iPad or laptop. This should make it much better going forward...
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    Have we seen the best?

    Centurions and the fourmidables the last two seasons. Is it realistic to expect more or will they maintain their excellence w/o improving?
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    Pregnant Woman Shot Stomach, Indicted for Manslaughter in Alabama

    Yes it's true, the woman who got shot has been indicted for manslaughter after suffering a miscarriage while the shooter has gone free. Oh yeah, she's also a black woman. Do not ever got to Ala-fucking-bama, it's worse than Texas, Mississippi and even Florida...
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    Take a knee

    If anybody was wondering why NFL players kneel for the anthem...
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    Manchester City NATO Strap

    I have a watch that would look very cool w/ a sky blue Man City nato strap. The club pretty offers anything you could imagine w/ their name on it but I can't find one of these. Any ideas?
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    2017-18 or 2018-19?

    2017-18 2 trophies but a breeze through the league and nothing to worry about after the CL campaign, Centurions 2018-19 3 trophies (plus a shield) but every match was gut wrenching coming down the stretch. For me it's 2018-19 even with the years it took off my life. Beating the scum twice...
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