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    Time for a song refresh?

    I’m a City fan almost entirely because of the songs. I was taken to Highbury by my father in law and despite losing, from that day forward I’ve never looked back. The main reason was the singing. I know away games are always better for that, but maybe we can find a better balance and turn our...
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    Ars/Chelsea Tickets - on sale when?

    It feels like we're getting very close to these games without any announcement from the club about tickets - am I just being too impatient?
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    Any Ideas - Watch City v Hull in Shanghai

    I'm away with work and I'd love to watch the match on Saturday - brought one of my city shirts with me for the occasion. Does anyone have any ideas what channel it might be on or if there's anywhere that might show the game? I'm staying in a hotel in the Xuhui area of Shanghai. Thanks :)
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