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    I’m not a Cat

    Crying here...
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    Bobby Duncan

    This the lad who was with us and went to Liverpool?
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    Fake Meat - The Real Deal?

    Tried the Greggs Vegan sausage roll and was impressed. Now Burger King is rolling out the Impossible Whopper in the US which is a plant based burger that looks and tastes like the real deal. So is the next big change the end of livestock farming...
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    Italian Election

    As ever the ability of Italian elections and politics to confound people is alive and thriving. M5S the anti establishment and anti EU grouping are in talks to form a Govt with their counterpart Lega on the right with accusations from Berlusconi that Lega are breaking the right coalition pact...
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    Gentlemen. Glory Beckons.

    With Chelsea's unfortunate demise in the CL - ok who sniggered at the back? There is nothing to snigger about. Sad faces gentlemen. Practise your sad faces. It's only polite. That said clearly Chelsea are a bunch of bottling fannies and no amount of media smoke blown up their arses is going...
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    My fave moment from last night

    Nasri wandering over and kicking his opponent to the floor. Done with such insouciant aplomb. Yeah it wasn't professional but lets be honest we all wanted to do it.
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    Our Old Friend Mr. Mentality

    I blame Vinny for this. His post match comments really bugged me. Yeah the ref was crap so what else is new. Yeah City fans were not allowed in but hey its not exactly done us the world of good when the fans did schlep up. I also blame Tevez. Well not so much blame but I do recall his...
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    The ECA, UEFA and City

    The Negrado deal got me thinking the other day and it resurfaced as I read about the ECA and UEFA mutually congratulating themselves as they divvied up the FFP 'fines' (which kind of irritated me as it smacked of rubbing our noses in it) with promises to fine tune FFP and make it 'dynamic' which...
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    Talksport now (continued)

    And then there were two. So OK who else is going to own up? :)
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    Mentality and why Pellers gets a (sort of) Pass

    I mentioned after the Cardiff defeat that the manner of it was the most significant aspect and why it differed from previous away defeats. Binning a 1-0 lead against tiring opposition is something we just didn't do and the fact we did raised the issue of mentality. Today we binned a 1-0 lead...
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    The Title is there for the taking...

    The window bangs shut and Chelsea still have sod all in the way of strikers and ManU have filled the gaping void that is their midfield with Fellaini and possibly Coentrão (who isn't a midfielder). Out of the 'big three' we have the best balanced squad by some distance. This is a squad that...
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    Inside City...The Week That Was

    So Inside City on Saturday. Going to be a barrel of fucking laughs this week As for the poor sod who's won the chance to 'Sit in with Roberto' for his Norwich presser well he'll probably end up doing it by himself as a favour to Kiddo. Although we should have seen it coming. The sacking that...
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    Defending The League Title Analysis

    Interesting analysis on teams failing to defend their League titles and the reasons behind it. Defending Your League Title On the 'sale of key players section' not sure I would put De Jong down as a key player but you can argue that both AJ and Mario were game changers at various points in...
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    Mancini Is The Man For The Job

    As we drown in a sea of sorrow and recrimination I will just say that yes I do think Mancini is the man to get it right and teach us, the players, the club what it takes to be a top 4 side. It ain't going to be pretty but he has what it takes. I figure that this is a good time to nail my...
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    So I Opened Yahoo This Morning

    And found some alarming news Man C v Liverpool the worse game in the Premiership Ever Lets just digest that 'news' along with other 'news' such as: - We are currently involved in a worldwide manhunt for Carlos The Jackal with 'Have You Seen This Man' posters in all major cities - The players...
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    Taggart Will 'Fold' On Wednesday

    Taggart played a near full strength side in the first leg to kill the tie off. That didn't work so he will play a second string side on Wednesday citing the 'really big game against Arsenal' as the reason. When we get through taggart will say its to be expected, gives his 'youngsters'...
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    12 Games In Where do We Stand?

    And before any smart arse says 6th I'll say it first :) And its a true 6th with everyone on 12 games save Arsenal. Not bad then. Not great as its looking like a 4 way scrap for that 4th spot and we are 3rd out of 4 but there ain't much init as all 4 contending teams have been chucking points...
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    Do You Think We Are Ready To Break The Top 4?

    And no I am not talking about the team and squad which has top 4 written all over it but Bluemoon and its brethren? I say this as the FA Watch thread gallops towards 50 pages and the untold number of posts that are awash with overcharged emotion and hysteria following Adegate, Bellersgate...
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    Thing's I'll Be Happy Not To Hear Next Season

    1) 'Wait until Hughes has got his team and the players he wants - you'll see' Quoted all to often prior to January and even after January. However next season that one will be binned along with 'Wait until he puts his stamp on the team' 2) Any reference to Sven. The guy was here for 11 months...
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    Bob's Top Tip On The Great Hughes Debate

    In the spirit of bringing us all together and reaching out to the other side here is Bob's Top Tip for those who want to see Hughes remain as manager and wish to argue his case: 1) AF was not in danger of the sack in his first season and the fans were not demanding his head. Letters such as...
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