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    West Brom (a) League Cup pre-match thread

    Please PM me the stream also. In California and want to watch the game. Thanks so much!
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    Monaco - Post Match thread.

    We should have played a 5-3-1-1. Sagna stones fernando kolorov cliche yaya ferna delph silva kun CANT LET THE SCORE 2 GOALS!!!!
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    Yaya Toure

    AGREE!!! He's old now but YaYa is #1!!
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    Wilfried Bony 2015/2016 Performances

    I really wanted Bony here but ever since he's been here his 1st touch is the worst I've ever seen and he is just not looking good as a striker. Maybe time to move on.
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    Agree with you sooooo much!!!! Silva looks horrible and it's his ankle. Yaya on one leg....he's lazy. So frustrating on this board at times and turns me off.
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    How would you describe your relationship with City?

    I love City. Like my other fav teams there are ups and downs. But I love this team.
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    Where are you all watching the big match?

    At home in Brooklyn NY. Let's go!!!
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    Post Match Thread: Kiev 1 - 3 City

    Was that a 4-1-4-1 we ended up playing ?
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    Chinese Football - what's going on?

    Throw in Navas and Silva's slow a$$ also. Everyone on this chat loves to rag Yaya all day. He's 33!! Why give Silva a pass and he's younger and is delivering sh$t week in and week out. Sad.
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    Neymar?!? ABSOLUTELY!!! He's the future.
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    Amen Blue Smarties!!!
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    Thanks for the explanation guys! I am staying on the chat room and will recalibrate. :-)
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    As an American who LOVES MCFC I am new to the chat, I must say that the consistent negativity and finding all things wrong all the time (well 90% of the time anyway) is a bit weird to me. And it's not just complaining about City. Everything in pop culture sucks. Every sport that is not soccer...
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    The Pep 'Survivor List' (Senior and Junior (loanee) players)

    No way Delph is gone. Sorry...but Silva's time is over. Too slow and a liability on defense.
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    Diamond formation

    We need to run a 5-3-2 until Vinny returns. Period.
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    What's our strongest eleven?

    Hart Sagna. Vinny. Otamendi. Kolorav. KDB. Toure. Ferna. Delph. Sergio. Kelechi. Winning combination!!!
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    A Centre back is an emergency in the window

    Why not play a 5-3-2 until Vincent returns? We are horrible with 5 back without him and specifically up the middle. And we start Kelechi with Sergio up front. Thoughts?
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    West Ham post game....

    1. We should play a 5-3-2 until Vincent is bacK 2. Silva was bad 3. Lucky for draw 4. Would love for us to get Athletico Madrids manager in the summer
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