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    Return of supporters Some of this is covered in the Amnesty thread but deserves its own space because it's about who returns, when and how. The club hasn't asked how many fans are happy to return so the ballot is fuzzy and no mention of...
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    Brian Kidd - how long at City?

    City's website says Kiddo joined City on 9th January 2009 and if so will the club mark the 10th anniversary of a legend at the game on Monday? But looking at Wiki, he didn't join till September 2009 as Technical Director before becoming Bobby's Assistant in December. Any historians amongst us...
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    West Ham; London to Manchester train ticket

    Euston to Manc day return train ticket for Sunday's West Ham game. Out on the 1221 and back departs Manc at 1835. £25 and I'll have to post it.....
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