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    thank god for that now we can get on with the season

    well thats it, we have to just get on with it with what we have, and we do it all again in a few months
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    * Goalkeepers * David Gonzales

    Sorry if already posted but I thought we had said that their was no truth in us signing David Gonzales the young Columbian Keeper but just noticed he has been added to the O/S or am I completely wrong. if so I will get my coat.
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    Hats off to our magnificent owners.

    I would just like to say a very big thank you to our magnificent owners (ADUG), also Garry Cooke, and of course Sparky for making this recent window better than the last. ( Robbie ). the investment into my beloved club has been much appreciated. My missus has been doing her nut, as I have been...
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    are you addicted to this forum.

    I have found that i have started to neglect my family due to being hooked on this forum, mostly the Tevez and Eto'o threads. I wonder if there is a clinic to wean yourself off during the transfer window. any body have the same problem.
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