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    Pet dog taken ill suddenly

    Just wondering if anyone's dog has ever suddenly taken ill and gone rapidly down hill in the space of five days. I've got two Rhodesian Ridgebacks and the six year old one started to loose his appetite last Monday. This was unusual as he can shift some food and never usually leaves any. He then...
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    James Corden

    Just watching the George Michael documentary, which I was enjoying until this fat talentless twat appeared. He should not be anywhere near a tv programme about an all time musical great. Stick to advertising Confused you overweight Simon Mingolet. Does anyone else despise him as much as I do.
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    All is not tickety - boo at Bayern

    A good friend of mine with German links was telling me that the arrogant Bundesliga rags are currently in a bit of a pickle and the so called well oiled machine is possibly soon to be in need of some serious Duckhams Hypergrade. The Ancellotti appointment has caused some real problems at the...
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