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    Álvaro Negredo Sánchez (part 3)

    Re: Álvaro Negredo Sánchez (part two) just reported on SSN its nearly happening chaps, when and not if and thats from the sevilla president
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    Stevan Jovetic (part 3)

    looks like this is happening, the comments left by the fans, are enough evidence to me that this is real, they are slagging the poor financial management of fiorentina, and are all wishing him luck in the " grey of Manchester " ffs the sun is shining
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    Álvaro Negredo Sánchez (part two)

    Negredo, with the new offer from City: "We still know nothing" Written by Ramón Román Monday July 15, 2013 19:14 Today's frantic afternoon in the offices of Seville, where, according to The Clear, has arrived late on a new offer from Manchester City for Alvaro Negredo, this time it would be...
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    Ibra..would you have him yes or no?

    sorry if already posted, from l'equipe So he must join the group in Paris next week, Zlatan Ibrahimovic still attracts envy biggest European clubs. After Real Madrid, who have met Mino Raiola, the agent of the Swedish Wednesday it was the turn of Manchester City to position itself on the back...
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    Replacements for Mario and Tevez

    saw a lad from Brazil score the other night, only on the field 10 mins as well, JO, sadly he could be cup tied !
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    Cavani Speculation/News (page 151 onwards)

    Re: Cavani Speculation/News sorry if already posted but German paper Bild reporting that Napoli are Getting Gomez from Bayern, so this should see the movement of Cavani Gomez goes! His departure is imminent - after 113 goals in 174 games. Despite contract until 2016. Ear-witnesses report...
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    Daniel Agger (continued)

    Re: Agger announcement tevez has love and hate, apparently
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    thank god for that now we can get on with the season

    well thats it, we have to just get on with it with what we have, and we do it all again in a few months
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    Nasri [Merged] continued.

    Re: Nasri confirmed well at least you had your dump !
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    Nasri [Merged] continued.

    Re: Nasri confirmed cant see that, I think all was done weeks ago just formalities now i reckon, by lunch tomorrow he will have his new shirt on his back
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    Nasri [Merged] continued.

    pmsl from rag cafe: That's not a squad that's an army Defenders (11) Richards Kolarov Kompany Zabaletta Lescott Bridge Boyatta Clichy Toure Onuha Savic Midfield (9) Nasri Milner Barry Toure De Jong Silva Johnson Wright Philips Weiss Striker (7) Dzeko Aguero tevez Balotelli Santa Cruz...
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    Nasri [Merged] continued.

    to be fair looks like a good night out
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    Nasri [Merged] continued.

    just home from work, happy nasday everybody
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    "Is Nasri the last one in?", "I hope not"-Mancini (merged)

    Re: "Is Nasri the last one in?", "I hope not"-Mancini fair enuff but its just snippets that every one should post for debate ! and no offence taken
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    "Is Nasri the last one in?", "I hope not"-Mancini (merged)

    Re: "Is Nasri the last one in?", "I hope not"-Mancini just seen this on twitter Bbctvsoccer Mark by bedrock_mcfc @united_expert @bedrock_MCFC i have heard rumours not confirmed that Man City are in for Shwienstiger
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    "Is Nasri the last one in?", "I hope not"-Mancini (merged)

    Re: "Is Nasri the last one in?", "I hope not"-Mancini lets just say that Tevez goes to inter after their new found wealth after the etoo deal goes through to the Russian club this week, we will need another striker as we will only have mad balotelli, Sergio and Dzeko, ao for a C/L campaign we...
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    Nasri [Merged] continued.

    If this deal is dead then why have we not heard a thing from CITY. its all been coming from the media. When we walked away from the Etto deal many moons ago ( and yes if you recall it was us that upped and walked cos he and barca fucked us about, not how the press would recall it in that he...
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    Nasri [Merged] continued.

    checking out the price difference. could save himself a bob or two maybe
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    Nasri [Merged] continued.

    good point to be fair.
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