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    Hooliganism and Violence Maine Road 80's/early 90's

    I remember Boro invading ithe North Stand with about 10 mins to go in 97/98. I think they went out as quick as they came in. It was going off all the way back to town after the game.
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    Arsenal (H) Post match thread

    I don’t think this season’s goal difference will be anything remotely close to the last 4 years. Partly due to the environment but also down to not being as free flowing although maybe tighter at the back.
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    Match Thread | Man City vs Arsenal (17/10/20)

    Rodri reminds me of Didi Hammann, but when he was at City and 35 years old.
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    Match Thread | Man City vs Arsenal (17/10/20)

    Danilo was a perfect understudy to Walker and a Cancelo was a complete nonsensical signing and ware of money.
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    Marcus Rashford lobbying govt to help vulnerable children

    United already selling shirts with Rashford MBE on the back!!
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    Celebrities who get on your nerves

    Marcus Rashford and Joe Wicks/
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    Best atmosphere/goal celebration you’ve heard at the etihad

    If we’re talking Maine Road then the play-off semi final against Wigan takes some beating, in the all seater era.
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    Rodri - 2020/21 Performances

    I’m not comparing their style of play but they are both CDM’s so I’m curious to see what we get for our £20m extra above what Arsenal paid. I’m sure our Spanish scouts know what they’re doing as he must have been on our radar 12 months ago when we signed Rodri.
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    Rodri - 2020/21 Performances

    It’ll be interesting to see how him and Partey compare this season. All the noises around Partey are the same as what we had with Rodri when we signed him last season.
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    Tosin Adarabioyo joins Fulham on a permanent deal

    Should’ve took the money for Garcia and given his place to Toisin. He actually wants to play for the club unlike Garcia. I don’t subscribe to this crap that he’s been called up to the Spain squad so must he decent. He’s been gash in most games and incredibly slow for the PL.
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    United thread 2020/21

    I hope all these cunts on Sky who kept saying they couldn’t understand why City didn’t move for Maguire last year are eating humble pie. Because he was overvalued by £80m you wankers.
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    City fans in the team

    Mikey Garcia is better at football than Eric Garcia.
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    Match Thread | Leeds vs Man City (03/10/20)

    Tbf sane was like that when he came so give him time. You’re right though as he’s had his fullback one on one so many times.
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    Match Thread | Leeds vs Man City (03/10/20)

    You’re listening to Tyler and Neville too much. You can hear the hope in their commentary.
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    Match Thread | Leeds vs Man City (03/10/20)

    Note to Tyler you **** that we’ve spent the same on our defence what Chelsea have spent in this window.
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    Eric Garcia to Barcelona?

    Contractually he is in the same position as Sane was. If we can only get £55m for him then we can’t expect more than £10m for Garcia. He’s never done anything to suggest he’s a £20m+ player. Far too slow and totally unsuited to the premier league. Won’t be missed in the squad imo. THB is also a...
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    Burnley (A) Post-Match Thread

    Is the last league cup game we lost outside of Manchester back in 2010 at West Brom? Don’t recall us losing elsewhere since.
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    Match Thread | Burnley vs Man City (30/09/20 @ 7pm)

    When was the time we lost a league cup game outside of Manchester? I’m sure it goes back to 2010 and West Brom.
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    Rodri - 2020/21 Performances

    Sorry I’m not having a go at Ake but he’s most definitely not the centre half we needed.
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    Rodri - 2020/21 Performances

    His signing just proves how bad the scouting system is at City. Surely any scout could see he wouldn’t cut it in the PL. He’s a really poor Javi Garcia and I’m not too optimistic on how good Dias is based on our recruitment over the last 12 months. Over £150m on Cancelo, Rodri, Ake and Torres...
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