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    Worst City player you've seen live/worst City squad

    Mine's between Mark Lillis and Adie Mike ,could be endless really back then
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    Hahn Air and Blue air

    Looking to go Cyprus in August school holiday and these airlines are literally doing it half price over going from Manchester through a household name. Does anyone know anything about them,help needed please ?
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    Working men's club

    Looking for a working men's club I can openly go in at weekends for a game of snooker in Audenshaw area. Anyone know any all my enquiries so far have been a bit tight knit and inbred ??
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    Anyone ever tried it ?
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    Biggest **** in the media

    I'm going for merson,I hate that fat bloated clueless,bitter,illiterate smack headed **** !
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    Worst thing you've EVER eaten ?

    Linda Mcartney vegetarian sausages,fuckin disgrace
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    James Vaughan

    Worst forward I've ever fuckin seen, worst than Adie Mike, Lillis and the lot.
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    Anyone know how to get discount on it,or been sent a discount code they're not using.Looking to buy one of them Iptv boxes,they don't seem to send me the discount codes because I use them regularly ?
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    New Chinese

    Need a new Chinese,I'm in Audenshaw.Don't like any of the local ones,used to travel to Mr Lin in Droylsden but that's gone right down hill recently. Anyone recommend ?
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    Impractical Jokers

    Anyone like them,just got tickets for their tour.Can't wait !
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    S6 Edge 128gb going for £14.99 a month and £29.99 down on the EE site at the moment. Low usage but a whopping saving,be quick if interested ! click see all plans then go to the bottom
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    What Box ?

    Was mainly after one for sport and movies,tried openbox v8 but server got blocked.Want one where it's Wi-Fi only and not needing the dish or Ariel comin in. what is everyone recommending,many thanks in advance .
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    Nigel Pearson sacked

    Bit of a nob,but seems a strange one !
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    Jose Gaya

    Apparently rejected a new deal,so buyout clause stays at €18m.
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    Interest Free Loan

    Newcastles debt is an interest free loan from Mike Ashley ! Debt is apparently ok in football ! Anyone know why we have never looked into doing this ?
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    Cigarette breaks

    Where do people stand on this,in some work places some tend to think they are simply entitled to cigarette breaks on top of their breaks.What if some all of a sudden decided they wanted air breaks ?
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    Everton home 6th December

    Anyone know what the chances of this being moved,as wanted to also go to the Aintree meeting.
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    House Alarms

    Get right up my fuckin nose,constantly going off for no reason.Everyone ignores them,so what's the point !
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    Discount Code

    At sports direct , sun20 .This takes the new top down to £40 if anyone is interested.Only problem is they do charge postage. Hope this helps someone,don't know how long this is valid for. Change that : IT IS FOR TODAY ONLY !
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    Suicide attempt at Cheadle Royal

    Anyone know the outcome of this today.Saw some young looking girl I think,on the other side of the bridge,then got caught in the traffic as they shut the roundabout and dual carriageway.
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