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    Nuclear submarine weapons officer,sent home after being found unfit for duty

    Been there , done that
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    Screenshot of your phone

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    It must be Christmas

    Why are people putting up Halloween decorations up , it's not Halloween until 31st you f*****g moron's
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    Kids toys you don't see anymore.

    Bardsley & Hulse in Denton , closed in the late 70s
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    COVID-19 — Coronavirus

    Apart from benefit fraud
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    Kids toys you don't see anymore.

    You could get an ss stormtrooper uniform
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    The Bluemoon Job Club.

    Admin jobs on civil service jobs . Good carer prospects and pay is not bad
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    Electric cars

    dont think battery power is the future , they are not eco friendly as marketed . suspect in next few years some form of hydro fuel cell will be developed that splits water into hydrogen and oxygen so you will just fill up with water . Saw a clockwork car demonstrated a few years ago that had a...
  9. J

    Welcome Ruben Dias!

    Welcome to God's own
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    RIP Macclesfield Town FC

    What will the council do with the ground , way to valuable to leave empty or for phoenix club that will attract very few fans .
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    City’s New Kits - 2020/21

    According to ESPN ours are No1 in the kits league
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    KDB wins PFA Player of the Year | UEFA Midfielder of the Year | UEFA Player of the Year (2nd)

    Just been online to buy Mrs J a candle , but all the web sites have already sold out .
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    The Cathars and the Cathar Crusade

    Who would have thought that religious zealots could go on a crusade or hold an inquisition to keep themselves in power . Reminds me of the rag/dipper media
  14. J

    New England Kits

    Think the were the colours of the FA , blue lions on a white shield
  15. J

    Maine Road Fc 2020/21

    Always next year
  16. J

    Maine Road Fc 2020/21

    Very informative , don't give up your day job to be a sports reporter
  17. J

    Muffin or Barm

    Messi agrees it's a muffin
  18. J

    Who is the prettiest on the team?

    Just asked my mum ( she has had a season ticket since 76 ) she confirms that Bobby Manc is very Fit followed by Santa Cruz
  19. J

    Live performances you feel so lucky to have been at.

    Pavarotti at gmex 99 , pure brilliance
  20. J

    ******Cricket Thread******

    Some great hitting by England , no mean feat to chase down 195
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