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    Iphone - automated security calls going to voicemail

    Need some techy advice...on two separate occasions from two different banks I’ve been asked to key in a security code when they ring me but my iphone 6 doesn't ring- the call goes straight to my voicemail which means I can’t complete the security check. My ‘Do not disturb’ is not switched on and...
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    RWC Sat. 10th October 2015 Eng v Uruguay

    Looking for two tickets for this? Maybe a little early?? if so then mods please delete.
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    Chester pub for today's match

    May be in Chester when match kicks off - used to be a member of the Chester branch. Can anyone suggest a City friendly pub to watch the match please?
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    Anyone going to Leigh Sports Village tonight to watch EDS

    Thinking of going - EDS play Blackburn at 7pm.<br /><br />-- Mon Mar 24, 2014 6:05 pm --<br /><br />Guess it's just me then!
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    Rodwell Loan to Everton in Jan??

    Working in Merseyside with a decent guy who's a big Everton fan who says they are going to buy Barry in January and also then they want to loan Rodwell from us for the rest of the season. Seems plausible to me, maybe we should loan Coleman from them as cover for RB?
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    Arthroscopy on knee

    Had an arthroscopy on my knee yesterday, had a torn meniscus trimmed away but they found I've also got a torn ACL - anyone on here had one and had it repaired? Is it worth the surgery and rehab if all I want to do is play golf and climb hills? Too many years playing in Salford Sunday league have...
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    City v Wigan in Alicante

    Can anybody recommend a decent pub in Alicante that might be showing City v Wigan ?? Thanks
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    Build Up to Parade...give us an update

    Mate just rang from Nag's Head..Albert Square starting to fill up, pubs quiet! Keep us at work updated please!
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    MP names Premiership footballer

    All over Sky News now!
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    The Greyhound RollCall

    Who will be in there....15 of us will again, better than Green Man ;-)
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    Is Wetherspoons in Piccadilly ok before a match?

    Reason I ask, is that I'm meeting a retired ex colleague who's wife has been very ill with cancer. We're having a few beers before the game and Piccadilly is best place for us to meet up. With all the mither he's had recently I want a 'safe' place for a drink then a great city performance.
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    So who's right?

    The Times today says we've fined Robbie £300,000 for his trip to Brazil. The Sun says we bottled it and didn't fine him anything. Who do I believe?
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    Geoff Thomas

    Do I need to say anymore?
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    For God's sake why don't they think about our defence

    For the reord, I'm for Bellamy coming, but after Dunne's mindless kick out yesterday and subsequent 4 match ban, who would you buy to make the defence as awesome as the attack may become?
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    Hmmm Bellamy or decide

    Bellamy for me every time.
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    SSN live from City's Carrington in next segment

    Having just been live at Spuds training ground with the Twitcher. They're live from Carrington in next part of programme.
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