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    Germany V Cameroon Friendly - BT Sports 2

    3 minutes in and Germany should be 2 up. I have no idea who these commentators are, but one of them has been wrong about 3 very clear details so far.
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    If he's...

    17, I'll eat my hat! <a class="postlink" href="" onclick=";return false;"></a>
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    Arsenal v Napoli

    Shocking penalty decision by Kevin Friend. Luckily Reina saved it. Kevin Friend denies Napoli a penalty which was more of one than Arsenals.
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    Cisse! haha!

    BBC Link
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    old crazies duff driving

    Nissan Almera 2000. They're the car of choice for old people. They're lethal.
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    Re: txiki, soriano and mancini please take note.

    Allow this summer to be a mahoosive fuck up like last summer? or will they want to send a message. I'd like to hope that it was Marwood that fucked up last summer, and not Txiki or Feran having advanced control and trying to send a message to Mancini.
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    have you ever sucked petrol out of a car

    Re: have you ever sucked another mans.. Brilliant.
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    I'm not an avid follower of basketball, but I occasionally watch it if I can't sleep or when the playoffs are on and have a fairly specific question. How come James Harden left OKC? Was he traded for a reason, did his contract run out etc. etc. not knowing the reason is driving me mad because...
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    I love Science. TED Talks.

    I've been watching TED Talks all day and quite a few have struck a chord, but this, this is so important.
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    Julian Draxler

    If we're not looking at this lad, we bloody well should be!
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    Hand Eye Coordination Not bad.
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    Video Footage on the Official Site

    I'm grateful for the content we get, whether it be Game Highlights, Tunnel Cam or behind the scenes, but the editing of the videos has got steadily worse over the last year. Frames repeating themselves, jumping between shots whilst commentating is still going on from the previous action and a...
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    Jason Manford's response to Trolls and such.

    Brilliant piece of writing, and if Jason sees this, I'd just like to say, well done.
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    The Two Escobar's

    Anybody watching this? It is/was on ESPN after the Brazil V Mexico game. Fascinating watch. I'll see if I can get it/host it.
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    Constantly on the bench for Barca and I've not heard of him signing or going anywhere else, at 26 he'll want to be playing regularly and I think he is exactly what we need, a tricky, fast little winger.
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    Alex McCleish

    I hate him, he's never even managed anyone I even remotely like, but I hate him. His constant blaming of everyone else for his failure and blaming his players "lack of experience" in grinding out results. Granted this is slightly random, but I just saw him making more excuses on SSN.
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    New BBC football website

    New BBC layout Couldn't see a thread about this. Anyone seen the new design, it's truly horrendous. It looks as if a child has attacked a wall with a yellow crayon and then decided that his favourite design contains lots and lots of boxes of varying sizes.
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    About time someone said how it is.

    They did it with Fabregas for years, I hate the way they do business. A bunch of slimy bastards. .
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    Sorry if its already posted somewhere but figured people might want to know this. That bump? fortunately, it's nothing. We gotta recover for Tuesday, we have a difficult match ahead - Napoli is a great rival
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    I'm confused here, why do you buy a striker for 8m who prolifically doesn't score in Cameron Jerome and play him in place of Kenwyn Jones, who does score? Is there some tactical mastermind plan that I'm not seeing here?
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